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Frankie (Linda) Cronin, a pharmacist, came to live in Israel from England in 1977 to Herzliya, moving to Raanana in 1995. In 2008 she and husband Mike moved to live in the Galilee, establishing an ESRA branch in Karmiel in 2010. Frankie helped computerize the ESRA database and helped organize the distribution system for the ESRA Magazine for many years. She was involved with the ESRA Magazine, proofreading, editing and contributing articles. Frankie managed the ‘’ website from 2000 until 2019 and edited the monthly e-Bulletin from 1996, continuing with the new mass mail system in 2012. She has three children and seven grandchildren.

The view over Lebanon from Mitzpe Har Adir

The Banias River in the lower Golan

The Painted House in Shlomi

The reconstructed synagogue at Umm El Kanatir

Travellers on the Northern Region 3-day trip in front of the Baram Synagogue

by Joy Kahan and Frankie CroninPhotos: Frankie CroninBlue sk...

 Dear Merle, Our ESRAmagazine No. 200 arrived last week...
Our friends in the North on a three-day trip to Israel's South

The interior of the Moshav Netavim Synagogue and visiting the Mishkan Hatchelet talit factory

At the old Beer Sheva Train Station and Under cover at Mamshit National Park

The Dead Sea Works and the lake at Yeruham Park

View over the Makhtesh Gadol from Har Avnon and our bus driver on track ... at the Arad Racing Track

 By: Frankie Cronin and Joy Kahan Our first 3-day trip ...
ESRA has numerous branches throughout the country, each with...
Ishmail Khalidi

Karmiel was honored to host Israel's first Bedouin diplomat,...