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Born in Holland in the beginning of the turbulent years of the Second World War Esthers parents fled with her to Suriname and after the war returned back to Amsterdam where Esther started her schooling. In 1952 the family came to live in Israel, the land of “milk and honey” where she finished her education. At the age of 20 Esther spread her “wings” and flew over to England where she studied English and later traveled on her own all over England and Scotland. Since then she has been infected with an "incurable disease" - the desire to travel the world. Back in Israel Esther studied tourism and worked as travel agent and some years later she added a degree as a “travel adviser”. For many years she attended numerous courses in history and geography and, being an animal lover, she also followed courses in related subjects and got a degree as dog trainer. And for some years she owned (and worked in) a pet shop. For the last 25 years Esther has traveled extensively on her own swarming all over the Globe, many times for several months, mainly to remote and less known destinies enjoying the challenges which bring the unknown. Being an enthusiastic photographer, Esther volunteered for many years to give lectures on her many journeys. During the last years she has also been writing articles on a volunteer basis in two magazines about her travels. She also volunteers to give a “chat” in English to adults who wish to practice the language. In addition, over the years she has also volunteered in many other areas such as helping children during their vacations to make beautiful creations, and recently she has been volunteering with "children at risk”.
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