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Eddie Shapiro was born in 1958 in Vryburg, a little town in South Africa, and moved to Johannesburg in 1967 to get a Jewish education. His family came to live in Israel in 1972 and settled in Ashkelon where Eddie completed his high school studies. After joining the Air Force and becoming a fighter pilot, he moved to Tel Aviv. In the Air Force he had a mid-air collision in training and had to eject from his Mirage, which had been almost totally destroyed. In the process he broke several vertebrae in his spine and could not fly anymore. He became an Intelligence Officer and after the first Lebanese war, he retired from the Air Force. Eddie studied towards his Bachelors Degree at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa and worked there for almost two years. In 1988 he returned to Israel to start a business, which ultimately became Pioneer Wealth Management, an investment advisory firm in Israel and in several countries around the world. In 2004, Eddie retired from an executive role in Pioneer and spent his time investing in Start Ups and doing charitable work with Budo for Peace (where he is a director) and other projects. In 2015 he met the founders of Sohn Investment Conference and together they launched Sohn in Tel Aviv, to raise money for pediatric causes. Sohn Tel Aviv Investment Conference is now the largest and most successful conference of its kind in Israel. Eddie and his friends pay all the running expenses and 100% of what they raise goes to fighting childrens diseases in Israel. See Eddie and his wife Natalie, who is an artist with a studio in Kiryat Hamelacha in Tel Aviv, in partnership with ESRA, started and run a Skateboard Program for underprivileged kids in Netanya (2 groups), Rishon Letzion, Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva. They have three daughters: Keshet, a fashion designer (, Mayan, an animal behavioral expert and trainer, and Nitzan, a soldier. In his spare time Eddie plays golf and rides mountain bikes.
Now a successful businessman at the forefront of the algorithmic trading revolution, Eddie Shapiro was once an Israeli fighter pilot. This is an extract from his autobiography.

FEBRUARY 1982: JUNIEH HARBOR, NORTH OF BEIRUT – four months before the first Lebanese War. IAF Chief of Enemy Weapons Research (left), IAF Chief of Operations Maj. Gen. Zvi Kantor center) and Captain Eddie Shapiro (right). The trio flew into Lebanon. The two senior officers went to retrieve the first MiG23 L shot down and retrieved by Israel or the U.S. and was expected to be a treasure trove for Israeli Intelligence. Eddie Shapiro was sent to interrogate the Syrian pilot who was captured by the Christian Phalanges, under Bashir Gemayel.

After being grounded because of my injury caused by my head-...
Eddie Shapiro, Rifka Ashete, Natalie Shapiro, Omri Shahaf and Maoz Trudler with the proud skaters and their 'trophies' at the end of the year

A group of skateboarders taking their first steps

 Four years ago, we thought about creating a skateboard...