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A former New Yorker, Diana Lerner began her journalist career in the Tel Aviv bureau of the Jerusalem Post. A course in tour guiding- taken on a whim - catapulted her into becoming a regular contributor to Haaretz, Maariv as well as numerous publications abroad. She recalls many memorable moments, such as while dialing a wrong number she reached Prime Minister Ben Gurion, being arrested in the mikve while doing a story on Turkish baths, and when during the filming of "Exodus" the weekly movie magazines held up the presses to get her on-the-spot reports. Her cover story in the glossy Israel Magazine about the Dayan's happy home hit the newsstands the very day their divorce was announced made history for being sold out. Diana Lerner introduced the term free lance to the Hebrew press, proving its viability by becoming one of Israel's most successful "free lancers" - due, in part, she admits by yearly trips to New York to work for the Federation - UJA publicity campaigns. To this day, she continues to enjoy meeting interesting, albeit sometime difficult people and exploring new subjects.

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Writer Diana Lerner (center) with her sisters, Roz, who lives in Jerusalem, and Libby, who lives in Teaneck, New Jersey

The author’s father at Ellis Island

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