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Deborah (Debby) Sherman was born in Chicago, raised in New York, studied at various American universities, holds a B.A. in American and English literature from New York University and MSW and MSc in Social Work and Psychology from Hunter College in New York. 

She came to Israel temporarily in the late 1960s and immigrated in 1970. She has worked in individual and family therapy, as an English teacher in high school, and as a university lecturer in the departments of English as a Second Language and of Social Work. She has published several articles and stories.

She is now retired and has been writing autobiographically-based short stories for the past few years. She lives in Rishon leZion with her husband, Rafi, and they have two daughters and a magnificent (of course) grandson.


It was several weeks after my arrival in Israel that my newl...
Ringing up the changes ... how people used to make telephone calls in Israel, from public call boxes in the street. Photo by Anat Saragusti

Telephone tokens ... you had to buy them at the post office

Unforgettable times! It was 1966 or so. I had just come to I...