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Danny Grossman,  is an independent consultant for strategic, diplomatic, security and public affairs. Among his clients are Professor Alan Dershowitz; author Steven Pressfield; and Dr. Jim Gordon, whose Center for Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM) helps both Israelis and Palestinians deal with post-traumatic stress disorder (this work with Israeli and Gazan children was featured on CBS's "60 Minutes"). Danny also hosted and produced a weekly Television show with Prof. Dershowitz and produced two films for the History Channel on the IAF.  

For the past several years, Danny has played a role building Israel's National Baseball Team, which recently qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (postponed to 2021 by Covid-19).

Danny also mentored SpaceIL, which launched Israel's Beresheet Lunar mission, since the day it entered the Google Lunar XPRIZE  competition 10 years ago. He also works with the Aleph Institute that helps Jewish prisoners incarcerated in the USA and around the world

He also works with the Aleph Institute that helps Jewish prisoners incarcerated in the USA and around the world (and their families at home), recently receiving national recognition for his role in freeing Israeli businessman Menashe Levy from unjust imprisonment in Ethiopia.

Originally from the USA, Danny served for six years as an F-4 navigator flying fighter aircraft for the US Air Force (earning honors as 9th Air Force “Top Gun”). After making aliyah in 1979, Danny served in the IAF for over 20 years, including nearly 200 combat missions, and within two years of joining the IAF, earned a medal for a strategic reconnaissance mission to Iraq. After the Air Force, Danny served as Israel Director for the American Jewish Congress. He is a graduate of the Columbia University-JTS Joint Program and earned a Masters Degree at Harvard's Kennedy School as a Wexner Israel Fellow. 

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