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Cynthia came on Aliyah from Cape Town, South Africa on Nov.10th, 1968. She is a high school graduate and has a diploma in Diagnostic Radiography. In south Africa she worked as a Radiographer at Groote Schur Hospital until 1967. She worked at Keren Kayemeth Leisrael Jerusalem from 1973 until 1999 starting as a Secretary in American Dept and ended as Director of American Dept. From 1993 to 1997 she was KKL Schlicha to JNF USA, stationed in NYC as National Projects Coordinator, retiring in 1999. From 1975 until 1993 she was a part time radiographer at Jerusalem X-Ray Clinic. Since 1999 until today she has been the English Editor at Schneider Childrens Medical Center of Israel (website, copywriting, proposals, reports, articles., communications, translations, etc.) Cynthias volunteering experience includes schools, synagogues, translations for the Modiin Municipality and ESRA. She has extensive writing experience. Starting with short articles while working at KKL. Cynthia is divorced with 3 children and 11 grandchildren. She is semi-retired and lives in Modiin.

Sam and Fanny Lipshitz ... he succumbed to the Spanish Flu

With the current coronavirus world pandemic, many info email...
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The township of Dunoon

Shay Ohana hugs the school principal

An Israeli flag painted on the school wall – with Shay’s name added

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Shay Ohana, the ...
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Kit Harington who plays Jon Snow in Game of Thrones Photo: Flickr

Boats moored in the medieval town of Budva

Central Split along the Riva promenade

Sandwiched between a visit to Venice and Florence, my friend...
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Swedish activist Greta Thunberg (Photo: Wikipedia)

The youth climate change demonstration in Tel Aviv Rothschild Boulevard

A protester with the words “I want to live” etched on her face

Photos: Strike for Future Israel It's sexy, it's cool; the i...
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Capt. Eitan Fund shows the aerial view of the border fence between Israel and Gaza depicting agricultural fields on the one side and Rafiah on the other

Nitsana Darshan-Leitner ... spoke about asymmetrical warfare

High-profile conference speakers included (from left to right) Canada’s Stephen Harper, Israel’s Naftali Bennett, America’s Joseph Lieberman, and Australia’s America’s Joseph Lieberman Tony Abbott.

The two-day conference organized by Shurat Hadin in June 201...
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An ESRA community project in Petach Tikvah

An ESRA community project in Acco

Children at an ESRA Tel Aviv Learning Center

Having fun at an ESRA project in Petach Tikvah (Photo: Noa Morgenstern)

ESRA Kfar Saba Youth at Risk project

New Education and Welfare Projects Over the past year alone,...
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Pushing the envelope ... IDC volunteers busy with ESRA mail shots

IDC and ESRA volunteers Dianne Miller (center, standing) and Maureen Hoch (right) with ESRA campaign material

"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time. They just have...
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Computer Centers

It is said that "children live what they learn". A prophetic...
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I am moved to write this obituary in memory of Rachel Max, s...
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Somebody once asked me, "Do you like to knit?" to which I re...
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A common stumbling block among Anglo immigrants – whether ne...
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Camera Club




"We make a living by what we get We make a life by what we g...
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Thank you for including such a lovely presentation of m...
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At Lake Kinneret in 1973

1974: Michael and Avraham Barmor at Ein Fashcha on the Dead Sea. This was the only place to swim in the fresh water springs which have since disappeared – as has the place itself

During Cynthia’s years with KKL she met and accompanied many famous personalities including Alex Haley, author of best seller Roots, during his visit to the Kennedy Memorial in Jerusalem

Cynthia with actor Rock Hudson who planted a tree in the Peace Forest in Abu Tor while filming the movie The Ambassador in Israel

Cynthia Barmor took the plunge and made aliyah 50 years ago....
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Some of the Fun-glish participants in the beginners' class in Modiin with their facilitator, Sandra Apperman (second right) and assistant Thelma Bernstein (second left) at their final meeting in June

ESRA Modiin's pilot to create a "Fun-glish" activity had var...
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Tuesday chug for children aged 6 to 8 avidly watching "their teacher" Sandra Apperman. Story and photos by Cynthia Barmor

Getting to grips with Fun-glish in Modiin

After several unsuccessful attempts to introduce English is ...
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Above and below... customers at the Book Bus. Story by Cynthia Barmor. Photos: Bonnie Bachenheimer

ESRA Modiin's Book Bus arrived at the beginning of September...
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Talking politics ... Prof Mordecai Keder with Evelynne Cherny (left) and Cynthia Barmor, chair of ESRA Modiin

Part of the large audience listening with enthrallment to Prof Kedar

With a record number of people attending, our Modiin branch ...
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Members of ESRA Modiin at the Ramon Air Force base

Reach for the sky ...Jackie Klein in the cockpit

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) of the 21st century is radically...
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Isaac Ochberg ... saved 187 orphans

A number of us from Modiin attended the screening of the doc...
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