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Carol Simon Elias is a life-long educator who holds BA and MA degrees in psychology from major universities in New York State.

After early retirement from the Israeli education department she now devotes her time to writing, research and translating documents about the Holocaust, with a special interest in the Jews of Bukovina and Transnistria, where her family survived.

She has written a book about her familys survival; “I Love You, They Didnt Say: Holocaust and Diaspora Survival, The Next Generations” Amazon ISBN 1982048352 and several articles including, “Holocaust and Diaspora Survival: The Next Generations; Past, Present, Future”, which appears on the ENRS historical Internet site.

Born in the United States she came to live in Israel in the 1990’s. Her two children both served in the Israel Defence Forces, one in communications, the other as an army liaison.

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