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I was born in England in Beckenham, Kent.As a teenager I was vice chairman of a youth charity committee whose main beneficiary was the Nightingale Home for the Aged which included visiting on the weekends. 

I attended Croydon Technical College for two years studying bookkeeping, shorthand/typing and was awarded the Lord Mayor of London's Award for shorthand.  After my Business Certificate I worked for three years after which I married and had two children – a son and a daughter.  Together with my husband, Laurie and two toddlers we came to live in Israel in 1975.

In 1981 Laurie had work in Texas, USA so we went to the States for two years. During that time I worked full time at the Jewish Community Center and I loved every minute of it.  We returned home to Israel in 1983 and I began working as a P.A. for a prominent businessman in Tel Aviv which also involved being secretary to Ezer Weizman. It was a very high-powered job which involved travelling, sometimes in my boss's private jet to arrange big events, mainly in Poland and Korea. 

Following retirement at the beginning of 2017 and after 34 years of employment, I began volunteering with ESRA, my initiation being the ESRA Calendar.  I became very involved and thoroughly enjoyed being part of the ESRA family.  Laurie is also a Befriender so I guess we are an ESRA family!  Nevertheless, we always make time to spend with our children and five grandchildren who are all in Israel and live quite nearby to us.

Quiz master Neil Spungin posing the questions

Photos by Gill Cole Hanniel didn't prove to be too far away ...