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Our Authors

Bill Strubbe arrived "by accident" on Kibbutz Ein Hashofet as a volunteer in 1975, and in the subsequent decades visited numerous times. Five years ago he decided to convert to Judaism (twice in fact!) to make aliyah...or at least give it his best shot. (The verdict is still out) He is writing a memoir called "The Accidental Israeli". 

He is a journalist and photographer, and his articles and photos have appeared in over 100 publications including The New York Times, Boston Globe, Cigar Aficionado, Yoga Journal, Elite Traveler, San Francisco Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Forbes, Vanity Fair, The Village Voice, The Jewish Monthly etc.

Handshaking at the barrier

Amatzia Dayan from Kibbutz Ein Hashofet, who for many years was a volunteer driver

Once or twice a week, Amatzia Dayan from Kibbutz Ein Hashofe...
Micha creating a prayer wheel on his lathe

One of the completed prayer wheels

To the east of the dining room on Kibbutz Ein Hashofet, just...
Bill with Dudi and Galilah, friends from Yokneam, at his barmitzvah party

Bill Stubbe with his kibbutz sister Naama,and Nadav, one of her brother's triplets, in Bill’s adopted family

A Jewish friend tried to console me by saying, "You know you...
View from the ramparts

Walking the Ramparts

Postcard of the Jaffa Gate

Photos by Bill Strubbe​ Walking Jerusalem's ramparts Leaning...
Nadav Shadmi busy at work on his latest invention

Story and photos by Bill Strubbe Just up the hill from the k...
Story and photos by Bill Strubbe

When pondering the Holy Land, images of the ancient walls of...

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