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A third-generation South African, she immigrated to Israel aged 18, full of patriotic zeal, learnt Hebrew at a kibbutz ulpan and a year later, married a Holocaust survivor from Germany.  They lived for 11 years on a moshav where she and her husband raised their children, goats, and agricultural crops.

She wrote her first book over a period of six years, in buses traveling to and from work, and whilst babysitting grandchildren.  Still working part-time and doing most of her own housework, she has 6 children, 16 grandchildren and two great-grandsons.

The author has published two e-books and is working on several others.  She loves all animals but especially horses and cats.  They have a cat, a dog and 40 chickens. When her first grandchild was born, she realized a dream to study nursing, graduating two years later.  She worked mostly with geriatric patients and derived great satisfaction from doing a gratifying and humane job. Now retired from the profession, she belongs to a group which knits for charity.

She has traveled quite extensively, mostly on camping treks or backpacking, and prefers the woods to the sea. In the course of her travels – begun only after she had six or seven grandchildren – she has climbed the slopes of an active volcano, ridden a horse, a camel and an ostrich, gone white- and black-water rafting, nighttime rappelling, climbed a waterfall, gone on safari in Tanzania, worked as a volunteer on a wildlife conservation and when aged 69, sky-dove from a plane in Florida.

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 In foggy marshes of distant lands, Or deep forests, or...