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New Year Greetings 2022

Happy holidays to all ESRA Magazine readers
Wishing you health, happiness
and a wonderful year 

Yvonne Bortz
Cecily and Philip Margolis
Cathy Rozenman Tamari
Wishing all our family and friends a healthy, happy and
peaceful New Year.
Rhona and Eric Berzack
Wishing our family and friends a very happy and healthy New Year.
Leslie and David Brand
Best wishes to all at ESRA for a happy and healthy year.
Jenny and Ronald Cole
To all our dear family and friends, wishing you a New Year filled with happiness, excellent health and peace.
Barbara and Norman Emdin
ESRA Rehovot wishes all their members, friends and all of
Israel, Chag Samaech, and a healthy and successful year

ESRA Rehovot
Wishing all our family and friends a happy, healthy and
peaceful Year.

Jackie and David Graham and Family
Thank you dear readers, volunteers, donors, advertisers and staff for your invaluable commitment, involvement,
encouragement and support. You make ESRA a dynamic,
versatile and unique organization.
Keep well and active. Happy New Year and G-d bless you all.

Merle Guttmann
Wishing all our friends in ESRA a happy and healthy New Year
Sally and Richard Halon
Wishing all our friends a happy New Year.
Marilyn and Maurice Hyman
To all a very happy New Year full of new hopes and new

Esther and Gerry Iron
Wishing family and friends, wonderful ETP and Teacher Chat
colleagues past and present (Love and thanks to all). Happy New Year.

Rosalind and Ian Jacobs
Wishing our family and friends and ESRA members a Happy
New Year.

Annette and Roger Lavender
Wishing our dear family and friends good health and peace of mind in the year ahead.
Sue and Rodney Lever
Happy New Year to all members of ESRA and their families.
Beverly and Larry Lewin
Wishing our family and friends Shana Tovah and well over the Fast.
Thalia and Frank Lichtenstein
Wishing all my friends in ESRA a happy and healthy New Year.
Noah Margalit
Wishing everyone in ESRA a wonderful year ahead full of joy
and happiness.

Liz and Terry Morris and family
Wishing all our friends and relatives a happy New Year and a
meaningful fast.

Libby and Max Strous
A happy, healthy and peaceful New Year to friends, family and
all of ESRA's volunteers, members, donors and staff.

Mimi and Baruch Tanaman
Wishing all our ESRA friends in Haifa and elsewhere a happy,
peaceful and healthy New Year.

Lynne and David Toubkin and family


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Tuesday, 05 March 2024

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