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Selwyn Lurie celebrates his 99th birthday with his wife Barbara, at a family lunch on the patio by the pool at his son Michael and Vanessa's lovely home in San Diego CA.

Please share your Milestones with ESRA readers: Births, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Marriages, Deaths Email your Milestones to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Tel: 09 950 8371 

During the packing of ESRA Magazine #210, Rosh Hashanah issue, Geeta Gariby, who held a significant role for many years in organizing the distribution of the magazine, was recognized for her invaluable contribution. On the right, Bernice Meyers who volunteered all the years with Geeta.
Esme & Jack Rabin, Herzliya

On your grandson
Gill & Ronnie Cole

Freda Lanesman | 90th
Rodney Lever | 80th
Selwyn Lurie | 99th

On your daughter
Cheryl & Graeme Liebson, on Nicole to Yuval Riback
On your son
Lisa & Howard Garfinkle, on Natan to Rotem
On your grandson
Edith Garfinkle, on Natan to Rotem
Jeanette & Harold Schechner, on Natan to Rotem
On your great granddaughter
Jean & Les Baron
On your son
Sandra & David Broza, on Amichai to Tzofia Bekker
On your daughter
Sue Joffe, on Orr to Rami Yhielov
On your grandson
Esther & Jack Rabinowitz, on Natan Yarrow to Tal Katz

Anthony Adler, brother of Gill Teicher
Moshe Angel, husband of Ada and father of Doron and Lior
Gerald Don, brother of Wendy Blumfield
George Newman, husband of Cora
Sheldon Rice, husband of Ginat
Lennie Rome, husband of Natalie
Laura Rusk, mother of Helena and Phylliss and sister of Moshe
Tova Sheridan, wife of Yoel
Fay Sober, mother of Bebe Jacobs and Merril Dresner
Geoff Tollman, father of Gaby, Karena and Mackie
Marlene Zaslow, wife of Motti
Sue Joffe at her daughter Orr's marriage to Rami Yhielov, at Kibbutz Nir Eliahu, October 24, 2021
Esther and Jack Rabinowitz at their grandson's wedding Natan Yarrow to Tal Katz
ESRA Magazine distribution team takes a well-earned break for a Rosh Hashonah lechayim, in the garden at ESRA offices in Herzliya Gan Rashal, September 2021


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