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Students Build a Community

This special project offers financially stressed students free housing or significant living support in disadvantaged neighborhoods in exchange for mentoring local schoolchildren and becoming social activists. They are demonstrating resilience and being proactive in addressing the local needs faced by Israel at war. 

In Jerusalem, the first English student village in Israel, in partnership with the Rothberg International School (Hebrew University) and the municipality, aims to establish a young English-speaking social activist community that assists children and families in the Nachlaot neighborhood. The students undergo a series of training sessions in preparation for the start of their activities.

In Netanya, we held a student scholarship evening, awarding 23 additional scholarships among the 39 students for extra volunteering in various community activities, such as kindergartens, computer classes, and centers for at-risk girls. This is in addition to their work with schoolchildren, currently focusing on education and enrichment topics such as Israel's geography and world affairs.
"My dream is to be a judge in Israel, and I am grateful for the support that's making my dream possible. I volunteer in Netanya, in a 'Debate' club for elementary school girls every Wednesday, teaching them about equality, privacy, and respect. It helps them express themselves confidently." said Silanet Tazara, a Law Student.

In Akko, the students operate the "Olim Be'Ivrit" program, helping schoolchildren from Russia and the Ukraine improve their Hebrew skills and foster their social development during school hours. They also provide online everyday spoken Hebrew practice sessions for the elderly through the Olim department. "I tutored Ukrainian children in Akko, aiding their integration and completing my BA. I succeeded in helping challenged children to find friends. Now, I'm in South Tel Aviv for my MA, supporting girls at the Kfir School to catch up academically." said Hila Hamra, an Organizational Consultation Student.

"As part of our activities in Akko, we led football tournaments for children to play competitive games every Tuesday to offer them a positive alternative to street life. Thank you for the opportunity and for being people who not only believe in change but work for it every day." said Shachar Ohana, an Engineering Student.

In South Tel Aviv, after assisting evacuees in hotels and centers, they are now back to working to close educational gaps with local schoolchildren, and launching activities with parents and children at the students' apartments to strengthen relationships and offer relief activities. 



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