Succot theme by Haggai de la Fuente, of Modiin

As you can see, some youngsters have put their art and soul into the forthcoming chagim . . . in fact, for them the high holidays are certainly a big draw – as the paintings on these pages show. In our last issue, we launched a Children's Chagim Cover Contest. In it, we asked our younger readers to submit a drawing – in paint, crayon, pastels or felt-tip pen – on the theme of the Chagim or Succot. To say we were surprised by the response is an understatement! We were amazed. The winner is Hila de Paz, aged 11, of Kfar Yona, whose NewYear 'greeting card' adorns the front cover of this issue 

Hila wins a voucher from Tik Tak Toy of Alexander Zarchin Street, Wine Hangar Industrial area. Raanana. We thank them for their support and generosity. Two other entries are reproduced here.

The Succot theme (above) of hands holding an etrog and lulav was submitted by 9-year-old Haggai de la Fuenta, of Modiin.

And a Rosh Hashanah 'cartoonstyle' entry (below) was sent in by another Modiin youngster, Gabi Cohen, aged 12. 

Hila’s winner