The Kfar Shmaryahu social group enjoying their visit to Ramat Hanadiv

Story and photos by Shifra Neumann

Thanks to the generosity of ESRA Ranaana and the profits of a successful cookery demonstration there, the Kfar Shmaryahu social group was taken on a half day trip to Ramat Hanadiv in the Zichron Yaakov area.

There they enjoyed a sandwich lunch and met the volunteers. They were then taken on a guided tour of the park which is wheelchair accessible (except for the crypt itself). The guide was very professional and the interaction with the group very lively.

The park is a memorial to the Baron Edmund de Rothschild, whose generosity and positive impact on the early development of Israel is well known. He died in 1934 and wished to be buried in the Land of Israel. Some 20 years after his death his remains and those of his wife were re-interred at Ramat Hanadiv, a 70-dunam gem of nature.

Ramat Hanadiv is an oasis of peace and tranquility and includes a Rose Garden, a Fragrance Garden and a Nature Park. It promotes environmental and nature studies and has many varied programs and activities.

The visit ended with a birthday song to a member of the group and a celebration of the 90th birthday of Yehudit, a longtime and much loved volunteer. Everyone returned to their homes happy to have had the opportunity of enjoying this unique place together. 

The Kfar Shmaryahu social group enjoying their visit to Ramat Hanadiv.