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The Secrets of Crystals

Shani and her husband Adam Toder discovered crystals shortly after they met in 1988.

Shani, our daughter, was born and raised in Israel. Menorah, my late wife, and I made aliyah from South Africa. Menorah was a well-known spiritual healer as well as a teacher of meditation and spiritual development and enlightenment.

Our home in Savyon was an open center for New Age activities of meditation sessions, workshops, channeling etc. creating an atmosphere and energy of positive love.

In 1985 Menorah had her first experience with crystals when a visiting healer from the United States introduced her to a quartz crystal used to enhance the healing energy. Menorah felt the energy and responded. Thus began the journey of utilizing crystals for healing and meditation. 


After Shani ended her military service, she studied graphic art and completed a degree in sociology and anthropology at Tel Aviv University. Adam had completed training in technical engineering and has since then qualified as a gemologist at the Gemological Institute in the US.

They accompanied Menorah on her crystal-buying trips to the only source in Israel. This began when Menorah's patients, feeling the extra energy from the crystals in their healing sessions, asked if they could buy one.

At that time crystals and their uses were practically unknown in Israel. (People associated the word crystal with the Austrian made dishes, chandeliers and other ornaments from pure artificially-made glass). They bought them and experimented with them and realized their value. As the demand grew, the stock increased, and Menorah called on Shani to assist in selling them. In doing so, a new world of crystals in all their shapes, colors and sizes, opened up for Shani, who began delving into the subject using the few books then available, before Internet. Shani began answering questions and getting feedback.

The whole New Age trend in Israel was in its infancy, and still considered weird.

The crystal business soon outgrew Menorah's healing room. Adam joined Shani and together they opened their first small shop under the name of "Stoneage". They also began selling crystals at events at which time the whole subject of spiritual healing and crystals began to be accepted and started to spread. Everyone has at least heard about crystals and many keep some on themselves, in their homes, places of work, in their cars, or wherever. 

Today they are importing crystals and gemstones from all over the world - the United States (Tucson, Arizona at the annual fair), Europe, China, India, Madagascar, South Africa, Ethiopia and Brazil. The largest sources are Namibia, Zimbabwe and other countries. They participate in exhibitions in the US, Germany, China, India and more, both buying and selling crystals.

The sizes of crystals can be anything from a pebble to a 2 meter high 75kg stone. The only crystal from Israel is found in the Timna copper mine near Eilat (Eilat Stone) but it is inaccessible to outsiders.

Today they there is a beautiful large store, 300 sq.m. in Abba Hillel Street near the Diamond Center in Ramat Gan. It is well worth a visit, parking on site, spending a few hours wandering and wondering at the beauty of nature.

Shani has just written a book –The Secrets of Crystals. It represents the combined talents of Shani and Adam and their love of nature with its minerals found "growing" in the earth over millions of years. 

Shani Toder

Writes Shani Toder:

"When we discovered and were attracted by the incredible world of crystals, we knew nothing of the energy and power held within them.

We were introduced to crystals by my mother who was using them in her spiritual sessions. At first we sold small amounts of crystals to clients who felt the healing energies and wanted to continue with them at home.

In 1989 there was very little awareness of crystals in Israel. Many, who felt the energies while holding the crystals, began to ask questions about their energies. In order to explain, I began studying this phenomenon from the few books that were available in Israel then and passed the knowledge on. What I read must have struck an inner chord and I did not question logically whether this really could be. Reading and receiving information from those who experimented with the crystal energy, I was able to recommend their use, and thus began my gathering of information on the subject.

In the beginning, when selling crystals at fairs or in private homes, some reactions were insulting. A typical comment was "you have to believe in it". My response was that it was not necessary as eventually there will be an awakening to the power and effects of the crystals. What was already common knowledge was that all modern watches and electronic equipment included a quartz crystal for accuracy. 


Truthfully, I myself was not convinced at first, and I can only presume that most people reading the book that I have just written, The Secrets of Crystals, would not have touched this subject in 1989, when I began this wonderful journey. Today, an ever increasing number of people are entering our store and using our crystals.

Until the new millennium most customers were women with their partners waiting at the entrance to the store, far from the crystals. The men who did enter were mainly interested in the gemology or chemistry of the stones. In recent times, more men, including many in the high-tech field, banking and the sciences, are being attracted. One banker who came in said that a month earlier he would have laughed at the idea of buying a crystal. After receiving a small one as a gift, he was most surprised at how good he felt while holding it, so he came to the store. Walking around made him feel so good that he was reluctant to leave. Many visitors feel this way, spending hours wandering around the crystal displays in the store. Some come when they feel low or depressed; finding that being amongst the crystals relieves tensions, making them feel much better. 


One of our lady customers, holding a high position in a large financial corporation, had an important meeting with a computer company. This meeting was critical for both parties, involving huge amounts of money. One particular problem had to be solved. The meeting began in a friendly atmosphere. The manager of the computer company noticed the crystals on the desk of the hosts, remarking, "Oh, I see you have a Black Tourmaline for protection". Back came the response "but I also have a Rose Quartz". The tough meeting resulted in a successful conclusion for both sides beyond their expectations.

This is an indication of how business people are beginning to understand the power and use of crystals

Very large crystal stones, tall and very heavy, mostly Amethyst, are becoming popular as a decoration in foyers of public or office building as well as in hotels, as an alternative to sculptures.

The changing awareness and approach to crystals is amazing and we feel that we have helped to achieve this awakening."

See also the following link to the book: 



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