At the double! Congratulations to Tay and Anthony Green, of Modiin, on becoming grandparents to twins Omri David Inbar (left)and Tamara Aviv Inbar.

Tigger seems to have taken quite a shine to them, too!

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§ On your granddaughters
Sally & Richard Halon, on Maayan
Val & Bobby Kantor
Terry & Gidon Laronne, on Hodaya
Nelly Perry, on Neria
Betty & Ed Wolfe on Amalia & Matan

§ On your grandson
Gert Goldstein, on Steele
Terry & Gidon Laronne
Ann Levin, on Eita

§ On your twin grandchildren
Tay & Anthony Green, on Omri & Tamara

§ On your great-granddaughter
Ralph Brest, on Aurelia & Maayan

§ On your great-grandson
Gita Sterenson

§ On your twin great-grandchildren
Hymie & Naomi Snipelisky


§ On your grandson
Mimi & Baruch Tanaman, on Ofir


David Schwartz


§ On your granddaughter
Judy Hurwitz, on Danielle to Tomer
§ On your grandson
Inge David, on Shmuel & Or
Jean Ullman, on Yanir Yifrach


Harry Hiller | 84th
Dorothea Walters | 80th
Josie Shlain | 90th


Carol & David Smith | 50th

Marion & Harry Hiller | 60th 


ESRA extends our deepest sympathies to the families of:
Golda Grubel, mother of Harriet Bark
Neil Hirschson, husband of Phella
Judy Lahav, daughter of Flori Cohen
Joy Pasvolsky
Ithamar Pollach
Brenda Rosin
Norman Sarkin, husband of Heather, father of Ingrid Gvili & Alan
Ruth Sless
Rena Weinreich
Stella Wgodnik, mother of Gill Cole

Susi Wodak ...