President of the State of Israel

Jerusalem, 24 Nisan 5779
29 April 2019

Commendation from Israel President to participants in the event marking "40 years of creating a better tomorrow for our children"

To my esteemed friends, the ESRA team, and dear volunteers,

I am delighted to commend you on 40 years of activity and wide ranging volunteering, with dedication and determination, for the betterment of Israeli society.

During your years of activity, you have helped English speaking new immigrants to integrate into Israeli society, and to cope with the difficulties of adapting, faced by those arriving in Israel and encountering a new culture, a new language, and different norms of behavior. You represent the anchor - the safe place that helps one acclimatize and integrate into an unfamiliar environment. Over the years, your activities expanded to include a range of projects addressing education, welfare, and social needs, aimed at promoting the weaker sectors of our society.

Israeli society has always been, and will always be, blessed with a rich ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity. Our differences also present us with challenges. But they also represent an opportunity – to learn from one another, and to help one another. Each and every one of you, through your sense of mission and personal responsibility, help to bridge society's cultural and social gaps with the aim of creating a society of unity and equality. You are the proof that Israeli society is filled with the spirit of giving, compassion, and concern for others.

I thank every one of you for your commitment and your mission that accompanies you in all that you do. I wish you many more years of successful activities.

With best wishes,

Reuven (Ruby) Rivlin