At the ESRA stand with the Modiin Deputy Mayor Ilan Ben Saadon are ESRA volunteers (from left) Beverley Rockman, Tay Green, Vicky Pilo and Gitla Tamam.  Story/photo by Suzanne Naimer

ESRA Modiin was well represented at the Notnim Be'Ahava (Giving with Love) 2016 Modiin Volunteers' Fair. The joint annual event, organized by the Modiin Municipality and the Azrieli Mall, pays tribute to over 50 different volunteer organizations active in the city. It is a wonderful way for residents to meet with and learn about the various nonprofits. On sale were beautiful knitted items created by the talented women of the Knitting and Crochet Circle, as well as printed Ethiopian crafts. ESRA volunteers were on hand to tell visitors all about the organisation. More than NIS 600 was raised towards Modiin's project, Neve ESRA, an afternoon care center for children at risk.