The young parents of ESRA New Generation with their children at the Ayanot agricultural boarding school, near Beit Oved

Recently the young parents of ENG (ESRA New Generation) met on a Friday morning at the Ayanot agricultural boarding school near Beit Oved for a special outing. Parents and children chatted over a breakfast picnic and were then taken on a tour of the fields in a tractor, picked oranges, fed farm animals, and made their own cheese and pitas.

A few weeks ago, the ENG members met again for a parents and toddlers musical story-time.

Nomi has coordinated a program of activities, workshops, picnics and lectures for the ENG group. Some meetings have been joint ESRA Rishon and ENG meetings, like a lecture on Social Media and a Games Night, and some have been exclusively for the younger group.

ENG is a young(er) branch of ESRA in Rishon LeZion, coordinated by Nomi Sharan-Gazit and Janet Kiesari, the chairperson of ESRA Rishon. Nomi and Janet have set out to reach every English speaker in Rishon between the ages of 25-50. They invite every English speaker they come across to join the slowly growing community of younger English speakers in Rishon and participate in many kinds of activities designed especially for them.

The young(er) English speakers of Rishon LeZion are eager to embrace more members and form a larger, united community. So if you hear of any English speakers moving to Rishon, or know of any living there, please tell them about ENG, and ask them to contact Nomi at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 050 735 3277. ENG is a joint project of ESRA and the Absorption Department of the Rishon LeZion Municipality. For information on ENG activities, please see our Facebook page: 

At the Ayanot agricultural boarding school
Musical storytime for the toddlers
ESRA’s Rishon LeZion chairperson Janet Kiesari holding a youngster