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Mayor Zeev Bielski, presenting a Certificate of Appreciation to Niv Zuckerman, a Raanana resident, for winning the Europe tennis competition MATAN Gafniel Raanana Open, ITF Junior Circuit, Boys under 16, held recently at the Raanana Tennis Center

Please share with ESRA readers your celebrations - Births, B...

Geraldine and I lived together as partners for over two beau...
Sybil Shapiro ... received an ESRA volunteer award

ESRA mourns the passing of a stalwart volunteer worker and s...
Lawrence Shore: known as Aryeh

 Dr. Lawrence Stewart Shore was known simply as Aryeh S...
TEL AVIV resident Michael Gal received a very special birthday card to mark his 100th birthday recently . . it came from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Of course, Michael is no stranger to queens, kings or knaves as he’s a regular bridge player – and bridge champion – at the The Kikar HaMedina Bridge Club.

Queen Elizabeth's greeting card. The inscription says: “Congratulations and best wishes to you for such a special occasion.”

Please share with ESRA readers your celebrations - Births, B...
Howard H Schack ... the one person you would least suspect of being a spy

Schack’s award-winning book A Spy in Canaan which was first published in 1995

My friend Howard H. Schack, an extraordinary human being, pa...
Mai Mazarieb ... on her graduation

Mai Mazarieb ... she says her mother always pushed her to study

Coming from an ultra-conservative society where women are no...
Jeffery Levy with the Mallard A4 Class series locomotive of the London-North Eastern Railway (L.N.E.R.) of 1938, renamed Rod Stewart.

Not for sale . . . a plane with the Star of David on its wings

When Englishman Jeffrey Levy opened The Antique Toy Gallery ...
Stunning... the Chicago skyline

Eli Libenson

Rosh Hashanah is the holiday of new beginnings. But, truthfu...
he Applebaum clan at Meira and Jack’s 50th year in Israel anniversary dinner

Jack Applebaum

Meira Applebaum

The Applebaum children when they were young

Speaking with Jack and Meira Applebaum is like living a piec...
Success for the team in Germany

The acrobatic trio of Romi Prital Ozeri with Rotem Birav and Noa Leon in action

Four generations of the Maddy-Ozeri family

The Snunit Acrobatic team from Modiin won 17 medals at the I...

 When speaking about distinguished athletic achievement...
1944: Mark Olds with (from left) Maria Schwartz, Madame Schwartz and Léonie Schwartz

1985: Maria (left) and Léonie with Mark

The Schwartz sisters in the 1940s

A reunion in Luxembourg in 1985 for Mark and Sally Wendkos Olds with members of the Schwartz family, including Maria and Léonie

A few years ago the writer reconnected with Maria, then aged 92, and met Maria’s daughter (left)

 In my last semester at Penn, I met the man I would mar...
The compass which was lost more than 70 years ago

Yaniv Sagee, Executive Director of Givat Haviva, with the compass at MORESHET presentation ceremony

Haviva Reik (second from left) and her British Army Palmach comrades training in Egypt

 A small pocket compass dropped in Slovakia by pre-Stat...
Barbara with her ESRA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012

To meet Barbara Blum is to want to get to know her better - ...
Zvi Friedmann

Story by Harry Hiller Photo by Melvyn Sandler Members and fr...
Geoff Isaacs ... learned at 63 that he’d been adopted

Mimi Tanaman reads Lost & Found, the book she’s written about Geoff Isaacs

 Story and photos by Flori Cohen How does it feel to di...
The lobby of the Chelsea Hotel in New York’s Manhatten Photo: Historystuff2 via Wikimedia Commons

Chelsea Hotel Photo: Beyond My Ken Own Work–Wikepedia Commons

Artist Andy Warhol

Playwright Arthur Miller

Author Gore Vidal

Over the years, the Chelsea Hotel, with its big, red neon li...
Machalniks: Mainly English-speaking crew members of the Ben Hecht (K24) at Haifa port in 1948 where the boat was docked. Moshe is second left, front row.

Moshe Feingold on the upper deck of the K24 at Haifa port. 

Subscription card with payment details

Jewish Legion subscription card

Moshe with Dave Fisher in Haifa

1948: Moshe (far right-center) when President David Ben-Gurion (front row) honored the fleet with a visit

 MARCH 1948 I was a sixth-form 17-year old Manchester G...
Leah Hyman with her ESRA certificate

The ESRA Welfare Committee was thrilled recently to receive ...