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Mike Amir in uniform

Mike Amir with Dalia Ayalon Sinclair

"How can I help you?" Vivian asked the British officer stand...
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A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend of mine and as is...
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 Before we started our adventure to Israel nearly 12 ye...
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I listened to an interesting discussion with Yuval Noah Hara...
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Sam and Fanny Lipshitz ... he succumbed to the Spanish Flu

With the current coronavirus world pandemic, many info email...
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Social distancing at a simchah …. Naomi and Tuvia Stuchiner at the recent wedding of their granddaughter, Noa​

Beit Issie Shapiro ... challenging time dealing with the pandemic

This year, Naomi Stuchiner, the founder of Beit Issie Shapir...
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Israel’s iconic and legendary singer Naomi Shemer who died 16 years ago (Photo: Wikipedia)

Singer-songwriter David Ben Reuven ... composed a moving tribute to Naomi Shemer

On June 26th 2020 Israel marked the 16th anniversary of the ...
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Orr Joffe (right) handing out a gift and a personal greeting

Student Orr Joffe holding face shield clasps, printed on her 3D printer

Photos: Ilana Dedik The positive side of a crisis in Israel ...
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Michal Eisenberg and Gidon Tuch got married in May 2020 at Nes Harim, in the Jerusalem Hills. Being corona time, only 50 guests were allowed and they included close family and the friends of the bride and groom.

The wedding of Sara Malkinson and Aviram Goshen took place on a hill in Beit Shemesh at a moment's notice because of the lockdown. The Yeshiva friends of the bridegroom arranged a chuppah and music, a seat for the bride and with their singing and dancing a beautiful chuppah was held.

Whilst on unpaid leave from work during the recent Covid-19 outbreak, I volunteered for ESRA. Why? Because it is an organization that cares. Cares for society and cares for its members. The older generation have built ESRA, the younger generation will carry this forward. Happy 91st Birthday Uncle Aubrey! From Daniel Ellman (great nephew)

BIRTHSOn your granddaughterEmma & Richard RinbergLinda &...
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Ruth Klineberg Ferguson I was privileged to have a close fri...
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The telegram sent by Moss Miller’s sister-in-law, Leah Senior, in June 1944, telling him he had a baby son

Gidon Miller, Stuart's grandson, at the Jewish Museum of Australia in Melbourne with the framed postcards and the book he produced for his project

Postcards my father sent from the front during WW2 are treas...
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Reuven Yagil with photographer Goel Drori at the source of the Blue Nile

Reuven Yagil in Kahzakistan with a sheep’s head given to an important guest so he will serve it to others

Reuven Yagil with two women during the Kahzaki new year

Dr. Doolittle from the Negev passed away – and fans the worl...
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The poet Lea Goldberg pictured in 1946.

Next time you whip out a 100-shekel banknote take another lo...
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The cover of John Barry’s book The Great Influenza

Alice Wolowitz

Alice’s brother Norman Wall (left) and his nephew Melvin Wall

Alice Wolowitz’s final resting place

A granite bench in Kehilat Israel cemetery dedicated to Alice’s memory

Photos and research: Jay Wall For millions of Americans, the...
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Rachel Carson ... detailed observations. Photo: Wikipedia Commons

"Hear now this, O foolish people and without understanding, ...
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Joe Goldberg ... an asset to ESRA

 BORN in Melbourne, Joe Goldberg made aliyah with his w...
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Cyclist Gino Bartali By Laurence Lebor in action in 1945 (Photo: Wikipedia)

Memorial plaque dedicated to Gino Bartali in Terontola

Riding up to Assisi

Last September I participated in a remarkable and inspiring ...
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After winning the first season of Bake Off Israel in 2016, t...
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Eli’s friends Stu

and Edward

New friends are silver, old friends are gold. All of us have...
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The township of Dunoon

Shay Ohana hugs the school principal

An Israeli flag painted on the school wall – with Shay’s name added

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Shay Ohana, the ...
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