To celebrate Israel's 70th anniversary, tour guide ONNIE SCH...
Photos: Dennis Kaliser

Once again ESRA succeeded in organizing a wonderful visit to...
Cyclamen. Text and Photos by Pamela Levene


Dawn was breaking. It looked as if it was going to be a beau...
The Hankins’ house perched above Gideon's spring at Ma'ayan Harod. Photos by Stephen Kliner

Tour guide Stephen Kliner

Arrow slit at Belvoir constructed of local basalt and limestone from nearby Gilboa.

ESRA tour members in front of the Hankins’ tomb

How do you relate a history scanning nearly 4,000 years or m...
A synagogue in the Babylonian Heritage Center in Or Yehuda. Photo: Ayelet Shemesh

The exterior of the Heritage Center has a Moorish influence Photo: Yehuda Katz

A market scene in the Heritage Center. Photo: Susan Lurie

The Rehovot ESRA branch had an outing to the Babylonian Jewr...
The serenity of Tiberias   To celebrate Israel’s 70th anniversary, tour guide ONNIE SCHIFFMILLER describes some of Israel’s gems, both famous and hidden. They are divided by region and highlight restaurants, hikes (some wheelchair-accessible), cultural venues, workshops, and even a little shopping. So, pour yourself a glass of local wine, get comfortable in your favorite chair, and savor the ideas.

Familiar panorama of Tel Aviv

The North Home Hospitality Whenever people ask me why I love...
Tel Aviv’s famous promenade ... the tayelet

I'm having breakfast at a table for two, overlooking the Tel...
Roman and Byzantine city with the high mound that was Biblical Beit She’an

Underfloor heating system at Beit She’an

With great excitement, I was awakened on Wednesday morning b...
Canaanite gate at Megiddo

At the Carmelite monastery ... a statue and (Below) one of the attractive gardens

Inside the water tunnel

Our final stop, was at the Muhraqa Carmelite Monastery in the Carmel mountains near Haifa

Story and photos by Yael Meyer "Kalaniot" (anemones) come in...

Ishmael Khaldi with his mother and father

A nephew of the Khaldi’s embracing a kid

The kindergarten in the village

North west from the roof the Khaldi family home.

Story and photos by Linda Glazer After accepting Ishmael Kha...
Living on the crater’s edge, writer Talya Dunleavy felt a connection to ancient times

Photos: Tiki Ozer Let me take you to one of the most enchant...
Entrance to the Second Temple necropolis of Bet She’arim in the Lower Galilee’s Jezreel Valley. Story and photos by Lydia Aisenberg

The Sarcophagi of the Nikes

Israeli craftsman Ori Shefer painstakingly repairs cracks in the walls.

Hewn out of a crop of hills in the western portion of the Je...
The 1912 letter asking for the money to be returned

I recently obtained my Israel Tour Guide license. During the...
Yeruham Park and Lake

Crocuses hidden between the rocks

The guide, Reuven, and hikers at the summit

Story and photographs by Steve Kramer  The ESRA Hiking ...
A Galilee boat altar in Magdala Church Photos: Mike Cronin

A mosaic in a side chapel inside Magdala Church

A fresco in Magdala Synagogue

The day benefited from glorious winter sunshine. The route t...
Photo: Nor Shaanani

Part one of the David Rhodes Israeli Wine Visitor Centers&nb...
Gourd lamp created by Aviva Levine

Aviva Levine amongst her trelised gourds

An outdoor lampshade crocheted from recycled plastic bags

If you are searching for a novel way to vacation or celebrat...
Tour ended by the beautiful lily ponds

Enjoying the trip to Sarona ... members of the newly-formed ESRA Petah Tikvah branch

A warm but pleasant July early evening saw over 30 ESRA memb...
The ANZAC memorial, Beeri forest. Photos & text: Lydia Aisenberg

The Path to Peace project at Moshav Netiv Ha’asara

The mikveh alongside the Maon ancient synagogue near Kibbutz Nirim

Although I have been living in Israel since the 1960s and ha...
First Nations Kahnawake Community Police Chief Dwayne Zacharie visiting the Western Wall, Jerusalem

Dwayne Zacharie at the Givat Haviva Peace Tree

David Mendelsohn and Dwayne Zacharie in the Jezreel Valley

In 2003 and still a work in progress, First Nations educators leave their peaceful mark on the Givat Haviva peace tree

Story and Photos: Lydia Aisenberg Dwayne Zacharie, a recent ...