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1912: Pioneers of the Second Aliyah immigrated to create a revival of the Jewish People in the Land of Israel

The original settlement at Hatzar Kinneret

What an exhilarating experience to see our beloved Lake Kinn...
Trenches running along the hillside at the Castel

Kiryat Anavim cemetery

Flatbed information boards along the trail

A dusty, twisting and turning path – the bushes and weeds on...
The Gojo House, a mud and straw one-room Ethiopian hut

A bread similar to challah is baked for Shabbat

Learning Ethiopian dance

Debbie Efron translates for the sister of Maryam, Bat HaMidbar's founder

On an excursion with members and friends of Bet Israel Masor...
Avshalom Feinberg

A view from the pier at Orot Rabin the Israel Electricity company main plant at Hadera

They say that "mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday ...
The memorial to Hannah Senesh at Sdot Yam

Hannah Senesh . . . executed by the Gestapo

Sculpture on a wall in Sdot Yam

Kibbutz Sdot Yam is packed with physical beauty, incredible ...
Leeds trio (from left) Barbara, Brenda and Rhoanna

At the shuk on Kibbutz Nirim

Ben Gurion had always preached that it was in the Negev that...
The ESRA Modiin day trip started at Mekorot Eshkol

At the Ruppin Academic Center

The Morad Winery at Yokneam

Carol Lipman reportsPhotos: Cheryl Friedlander​Three totally...
The view over Lebanon from Mitzpe Har Adir

The Banias River in the lower Golan

The Painted House in Shlomi

The reconstructed synagogue at Umm El Kanatir

Travellers on the Northern Region 3-day trip in front of the Baram Synagogue

by Joy Kahan and Frankie CroninPhotos: Frankie CroninBlue sk...
Brendan Judd’s book The Desert Railway. The writer managed to source two copies in New Zealand

As a New Zealander who had lived and worked many years in Eu...

Illustration: Denis Shifrin Recalling the time a bunch of us...
The canyon approach to Petra (Photos: Mike Altman, Baruch and Mimi Tanaman)

The Treasury, Petra’s most famous facade

Ancient mosaic church-floor map detailing the columns along Jerusalem's Cardo

An oasis of souvenirs in the Wadi Rum desert

Sights of Petra, from simple homes to palatial tombs, all carved into the mountainsides

Echoes of ancient desert caravans

The whole happy ESRA group in Jordan's Wadi Rum desert

There are some countries that as soon as you enter, you feel...
Memorial to the eight Jews killed by British soldiers in November 1945

Set in stone ... Yaacov Adato who was just 18 when he died with the others

An impressive memorial to eight Jews killed by British soldi...
Gad Yacobi telling shtetl stories

HAIFA ESRA branch took a day off between the high&...
Ali regaling stories of Bedouin life

Descending carefully into Tel Sheva's reservoir

If ESRA Netanya's March trip to the Golan set out against a ...
Sign in a rock commemorating the four Australian athletes who died in the 1997 Maccabiah Games bridge collapse over the River Yarkon

Where Israel's Jezreel and Bet Shean valleys become kissing ...
Our friends in the North on a three-day trip to Israel's South

The interior of the Moshav Netavim Synagogue and visiting the Mishkan Hatchelet talit factory

At the old Beer Sheva Train Station and Under cover at Mamshit National Park

The Dead Sea Works and the lake at Yeruham Park

View over the Makhtesh Gadol from Har Avnon and our bus driver on track ... at the Arad Racing Track

 By: Frankie Cronin and Joy Kahan Our first 3-day trip ...
One of the ancient stones in the park in Talpiot, Jerusalem

A map in the concrete shows the route of the ancient water system

...dates back 2,000 years Early on a Shabbat afternoon in a ...
Antiquities at Yad Hashmona (Photos: Dennis Kaliser)

Inside the Church of Our Lady of the Ark of the Covenant

Ancient burial tomb at Yad Hashmona

9/11 Twin Towers Memorial

 After a very early start, due to our full program, the...
The ESRA Beer Sheva branch had its first outing to three int...
The Golan Synagogue, known as Umm el Qanatir, at Ein Keshatot

Despite the wet and windy weather of the previous week, and ...

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