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Karkur now ... how the landscape is changing with apartment blocks, play areas and schools

Top brass ... headquarters staff of the Desert Mounted Corps on the steps of Lazar Slutzkin’s house in Rehovot where they were based. General Sir Henry Chauvel is on the front row, second from the left.

Children playing today on the labyrinth outside the renovated Town Hall in Rehovot, with the two commemorative olive tree in memory of the events of World War One at the site.

Author Rachelly Rogel with the granddaughter of General Sir Henry Chauvel

Rachelly Rogel with visitors to the Rehovot winepress

Ahead of the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War ...
Joy ... Lod residents celebrate the inauguration of a Torah scroll

Lod youngsters on the day of the Torah’s inauguration

Time to learn ...inside the study hall of the pre-army academy

Lod challenges its inhabitants with many of the problems of ...
Ruth sculpture at the Ketura Solar Field

The welcome sign at Kibbutz Ketura

The Arts Center at Naot Semadar

The Methuselah tree at Ketura

Looking for a change of pace or of scenery from Israel's cit...

Tel Aviv’s Sheinkin . . . two views of the same street. Photos by Diana Rubanenko

So the charm of your storybook cottage has faded Your views ...