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A children’s park near Dizengoff School

Construction in Shapira Neighborhood is underway, encouraged by Tel Aviv Municipality

An entry gate to Dizengoff School, award-winning school recognized by the Ministry of Education

Story and photos by Akiva Herzfeld With a skyline of do...
The Sderot UN youth team

Herb Levine founded Sderot Young Leaders in 2008 to help emp...
Rothschild Boulevard Tel-Aviv. Image PikiWiki

A convenient place to sit down When your thirst you are long...
The Knesset building in Jerusalem

by Alex Rose "It's easy to forget, but important to remember...
The memorial to Hannah Senesh at Sdot Yam

Hannah Senesh . . . executed by the Gestapo

Sculpture on a wall in Sdot Yam

Kibbutz Sdot Yam is packed with physical beauty, incredible ...
David E. Kaplan

Every year, Time magazine highlights the best inventions tha...

Increasing longevity has contributed to unprecedented global...
Leeds trio (from left) Barbara, Brenda and Rhoanna

At the shuk on Kibbutz Nirim

Ben Gurion had always preached that it was in the Negev that...
"Let's go for a walk along the sea, from Jaffa to Bat Yam", ...
The ESRA Modiin day trip started at Mekorot Eshkol

At the Ruppin Academic Center

The Morad Winery at Yokneam

Carol Lipman reportsPhotos: Cheryl Friedlander​Three totally...
The view over Lebanon from Mitzpe Har Adir

The Banias River in the lower Golan

The Painted House in Shlomi

The reconstructed synagogue at Umm El Kanatir

Travellers on the Northern Region 3-day trip in front of the Baram Synagogue

by Joy Kahan and Frankie CroninPhotos: Frankie CroninBlue sk...
Kibbutz founder Kuba Doron breaking rocks for construction. The picture was taken in 1926 when the members were working on the building of the road to Afula – but Doron did the same thing again in the early 1930s to build the children's house

The dreidel memorial and name plaque in a rock commemorating the children who died, behind the concrete dreidel

A bleak day ... the extensively damaged children’s house after the 1948 Chanukah bombing

Story and photos by Lydia Aisenberg Almost a decade aft...
Gun salute ... Max Haber’s funeral at the military cemetery, Ramat Hasharon

Mark and Victor Rosenbaum in Victor’s hospital room in 2017, looking at photos of Norman Rosenbaum

October 2017:Alex Haber viewing photos of his brother with Mark

‘Dateline Sinai’ article by Mark Pinsky found in Norman Rosenbaum’s wallet

This article is reprinted from Moment Magazine - momentmag.c...
Rabbi Baruch Boudilovsky of Young Israel Shul, North Netanya

Inside the clubhouse in Machneh 80 Dotan, near Pardes Hanna

The soldier at a small army base tucked away in a pastoral p...
Jock Falkson with his daughter Sharon

A sketch of Jock Falkson when when he won recognition as the foremost direct mail authority in South Africa

 I come from a singing family. We've always sung, espec...
Staff of Afridar Housing Corporation Ltd in 1956 . . .Selwyn and Barbara can be seen in the center of the second row

Barbara and Selwyn Lurie who now live in California. The photo was taken on Selwyn’s 97th birthday on 7th August 2019

The Certificate of Honor which the city of Ashkelon presented to Selwyn

Stop press ... The story of how Selwyn built Ashkelon made the front page of the Natal Mercury in August 1958

Ashkelon, 1956: Barbara Lurie outside her home at 7 Johannesburg Road, Afridar

residents of Afridar attending a town hall meeting which was addressed by Selwyn Lurie.

South African Jewry's participation in the founding of moder...
Brendan Judd’s book The Desert Railway. The writer managed to source two copies in New Zealand

As a New Zealander who had lived and worked many years in Eu...
Monument of remembrance set up by Love Never Fails

Preserved Prison: Barracks of Detention Camp at Atlit

Anne Heelis from Northern Ireland gives a flower to Pinchas Kahane

Perhaps you, my readers, will question these words but hope ...

Hezi, who has lived most of his life in Beit Uri, proudly points to himself on a 50th anniversary celebration poster

Danny’s severe cerebral palsy doesn’t affect his amazing weaving skills

Blind and deaf, Eldar uses his highly-developed senses of smell and touch to create amazing baskets

Harel creates a wooden salad bowl in the carpentry workshop for an arts and crafts bazaar

Taking center stage. . . the entire Beit Uri population taking part in the annual summer performance

Photos by Jeanette Koll In a cool, wood-paneled hall in...