Family spends two exciting months touring coast to coast. Story and photos by Susan de la Fuente

When you wish upon a star ... a Disney scene in New Orleans

How the west was worn ... period costumes in Williamsberg, Virginia

Touro Synagogue, New Orleans

Taking a walk in San Antonio, Texas

After a long absence from the USA, we returned to New York i...
At the conference (from left) Ofra Strauss, chair, Strauss Group; Nehama Ronen, chair, Board of Directors Maman Cargo Terminals Ltd; Prof Oded Lowengrat, dean, Guildford Glazer Faculty of Business & Management, BGU; Prof Zvi Hacohen, rector, BGU; Prof Dafna Schwartz, director, Bengis Center for Entrepreneurship & Hi-Tech Management;Yair Seroussi, chair, Bank Hapoalim; Vered Pear Swid, director, High Authority of the Advancement of Women (Israel);Prof Rivka Carmi, president, BGU; and Arnold Bengis

Also at the conference ... David Lander, MD of H P Israel

Yair Seroussi, chairman of Bank Hapoalim

Arnold Bengis with Ruvik Danilovich, Mayor of Beersheva

This is not a description of the climate down south in the N...
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In memory of Yaakov Yehudah Frimer Rabbi Norman Lamm (http:/...
Adele and Yisrael Auerhahn with their young son Jacob in March 1940

At the bottom of a drawer in my mother's bedroom there was a...
A view of Beit Hanun from Kibbutz Nir Am. Photos: Adrian Wolff

Kibbutz Sa’ad with cowsheds in the background

A nursery school at Nirim

A bus stop shelter at Nir Am

Roof damage at Kfar Aza

Tomatoes growing at Nativ Ha’asara

A view of Kibbutz Sa’ad

Looking into Beit Lehia

Kibbutz Nirim with a shelter in the playground

I have traveled though the western Negev on many occasions, ...

Festival organizer Uri Aviv

Festival guest Jason Wishnow

When Uri Aviv was two years old, he looked up at the sky and...
A Sikorsky helicopter in action

A Sikorsky helicopter in action Daniel's day started off nor...
It was just like any other day, with a dawn and a beautiful ...
Tourists at the Valley Train

Templer architecture at Beit Lechem HaGlilit

On June 25 a group of 40 day-trippers boarded a bus that too...
Photo by Barbara Abraham-Vazana


Yesterday I wanted to escape the never-ending, heart-breakin...

The founder of Bat Shlomo

Food, glorious food . . . in the Schwartzmann farm store

It was on a beautiful spring day that our hiking group set o...
The Burning Man . . . before the effigy was set alight

Shades of Mad Max with this wind-powered desert tricycle

Our campsite: Marlyn, Liz and Omri we've been to Midburn - Israel's first Burning Ma...
Everyone for tennis . . . members of the Israel Tennis Center’s girls team. Photo: Lidor Goldberg

Up to the age of forty- four Rose Dembitzer, the beautiful a...
In Machane Yehuda market. Photos: Harvey Sapir

Jerusalem’s old Railway Station

Another scenic view in the city

 It was with some trepidation that I booked this walkin...

Photographs: Ilan Hirschowitz Nested in the Carmel mountain ...
Photo Credit to Steven

In most of the interviews I have had with job seekers in the...

"Knock. Knock." "Who's there?" "It is I". Never, "me". I use...

Kassar Al Yahud, a Christian baptismal site, north of the Dead Sea on the banks of the Jordan

Poet Kaila Shabat (left) with ESRA Dead Sea trip organizer Val Kantor

David Levy

Breathtaking, primeval, serene and stunning On the short rid...
Some of the volunteers sifting the debris from Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

Anita inspiration

Earth from the Temple Mount illegally dumped in the Kidron Valley

1999: Heavy machinery used for digging a new entrance to Solomon’s Stables

Silver half-shekel showing a stem with three pomegranates

The enclosure containing the Temple Mount Antiquities Salvage Operation

Volunteers at the sifting installation at Emek Tzurim National Park

Sealing from the 7th centuries BCE

Floor tiles of various shapes, colors and sizes that were used in the opus sectile Roman paving technique in royal structures. This type of floor is mentioned in the writings of Josephus Flavius regarding the floor of the open courts that surrounded the Temple

In memory of Anita Berman This story is written in memory of...
The Rolling Stones played in Tel Aviv this summer. Photo Credit:

Actress Scarlett Johansson refused to back out of her SodaStream contract

Lana Melman: “Artists should be part of the solution to problems.”

One of the key players ... Ran Geffen-Lifshitz, owner of MMG Music in Israel

Israel fights boycott campaign with a little help from frien...