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Story and photos by Rhoda Goodman

Bernie Goodman with the statue of Maimonides in Cordoba

Bernie Goodman laying tefilin in the Jewish Quarter of Cordoba

 We were very lucky. The weather in Spain from mid-Octo...
Those red, red rocks ... a delicate arch and (below) at Monument Valley. Story and Photos by Susan de la Fuente

A river runs through it ... the natural beauty of the Virgin River

Our nine-week coast-to-coast U.S. trip began in Washington D...
Fresh fish caught in the Seychelles. Photos: Ruti Porter

Inside St Paul’s Cathedral in Victoria, where congregants swayed as they sang

The Hindu temple in Victoria . . . brilliant colors and a wealth of small statues

Mike Porter goes on a visit to the Seychelles (Well, someone...
Incredible oppulence in the Hermitage, Catherine’s Winter Palace. Photos: Cynthia Barmor

Peterhof, Peter the Great’s Summer Palace

Cynthia Barmor in front of St Basil’s Cathedral Auditorium in Red Square

Auditorium of the Marinsky Theater

Curios ... but check out the familiar labels

A wall ornamenation at the Hermitage

Moscow’s Red Square at night with the walls of the Kremlin to the left

The Grand Choral Synagogue in St Petersburg

How many ways are there to use gold? A visit to Moscow and S...
A general view of the Slovakia synagogue’s interior looking east. The chairs are used for musical concerts, not services, and modern art works are currently displayed on the walls.

Writer Frankie Cronin at the entrance to the synagogue

The outside of the synagogue showing the original cupola.

We recently returned from a short break in Slovakia, walking...
Israeli visitors Uri and Pnina Bar-el at sculpture of shofar in the city of Varna commemorating the rescue of Bulgarian Jewry. Photos & Story: Lydia Aisenberg

Hebrew speaking Bulgarian taxi-driver Miro Slavantonov outside the hotel in Varna

Gad Helerman and Hebrew language board explaining sites and sights to visit

Because of the sheer volume and influence of after-army Isra...
Buzzing and busy . . . the weekly market in Sapa. Story and photos: Morty Liebowitz

Marriage material . . . girls in dresses they’ve embroidered themselves

What’s cooking . . . a look inside the home of a resident of Sapa

Ploughing on . . . irrigating the crops

Snake for sale in the market

Sapa is an incredibly picturesque town that lies in the Hoan...
The Lowry Center at Manchester’s Salford Quays . . . named after the acclaimed artist. Photo by Andrew Dunn

Top tourist attraction . . . John Rylands Library. Phto by Esther Westerveld

Manchester’s Jewish Museum . . . it has innovations. Photo by Richerman

We are no longer able to travel, but when we were younger, a...
Depicted on the Los Angeles wall . . . Jewish refugees

Allen Ginsberg and the Beat generation of the 1950s

Melting pot . . . migrant California, as shown on the wall

Leading figures in the American Civil Rights movement

The bad and the good . . . the wall shows a demonized Adolf Hitler

Olympic champions breaking barriers in 1964

Albert Einstein and Jewish arts and sciences

In many conversations with people who have been tourists in ...
The church of St. George is one of the complex of 11 churches in Lalibela which, in the 12th century, was carved below-ground in the volcanic rock

INJERA – a super-sour ‘pancake’ – is made from teff, an Ethiopian cereal which has a great reputation as a health food. Among others, it does not contain gluten, is high in proteins and calcium, and contains twice as much easily-absorbed iron as wheat or grain. By the way, writes Mike Porter, this so-called ‘flatbread’ also tastes pretty horrible!

he new cathedral of St. Mary in Axum, built in the 1950s by Emperor Haile Selassie, was one of the country’s first churches allowing men and women to worship together. On the wall is a gigantic mural of an ‘Ethiopian’ King David playing the harp

On the road from Lalibela to Addis, a 13-hour journey by jeep, these village women are seen washing clothing in the river

Mike Porter in Ethiopia "What better way of celebrating your...
Soweto . . . it was a ‘stunning surprise’ for Cynthia (left). Photos and text by Cynthia Barmor

Driver Victor in his So-We-Too combi

Table Mountain in all its glory with the city of Cape Town rising up to its slopes

At the Safari Ostrich Farm at Oudtshoorn

South Africa Knysa Heads, a world-famous site along the Garden Route

Souvenirs can be bought For sale . . . colorful for a song

Nelson Mandela’s home in Soweto

Beautiful frescos adorn Soweto’s cooling towers

Contemporary South Africa, to borrow the term from Theodor H...
Riding high on an elephant

Cynthia Barmor and Rachel Max report from paradise in the Indian Ocean

A sea of green, a whisp of spice’

 If China was red, Sri Lanka is green. During a two-wee...
Cruise ship the Aegean Odyssey

The marchers take to the streets of Rome

Marco Polo is said to have been born here in Korula

A view of Korula with a Venetian tower in the city walls

A narrow street in the ancient city of Syracuse

The Cloisters at Monreale Cathedral in Sicily

OUR cruise from Italy to Croatia's Dalmatian coast began in ...
Palestinians bag Egyptian charcoal destined for sale in Israel. Photographs: Lydia Aisenberg

Sign outside the Israel Border Police base at Harish

Although supposedly winter, it is a hot and muggy day in mid...
Home sweet home ... where Carl lived from 1984 to 1987

Sound of music ... a Honuno’o man plays a native violin

Home a loom ... a Honuno’o woman weaves a cotton skirt

A touch of paradise ... Mindoro’s palm trees and sandy beaches. Photo: wikipedia/commons

A funny thing happened on my way to Herzliya one day last Au...
At the Great Wall: Cynthia Barmor (left) and Carol Lipman

Some of the 8,000 clay warriors that make up the Terracota Army

By Cynthia Barmor and Carol  Lipman China is a riot of ...

The telephone next to our bed rings at 04:15: "Good morning,...
Photo: Courtesy of

Land of mystery and beauty

Someone made a mistake. They gave the name "Greenland" to th...
Jose Levi Domingos at the Jewish Museum at Belmonte

Jose Levi Domingos studies the list names of those who died in the Inquisition

A hidden door connecting two apartments to enable food and Jewish objects to be delivered without being exposed

Published in Hebrew in Makor Rishon, 10.5.2013. Translated b...

 A tale of terror for travelers It was my first vacatio...