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I’d spend hours gazing across the valley, the two dogs demanding my hands-on attention, a cat sitting on the sofa with me, while a frog from the pond next door serenaded us. Photo: Ruti Porter

Our young son and his family were going on holiday. While he...

 If you can, take a look through the window at the sky ...
Saying it with flowers . . . a graduate from Kyoto University

A shinto shrine on an island outside Tokyo

In the Pachenko gaming shop at 7.30 pm in the business district of Tokyo

A Japanese shrine

We hadn't booked the holiday; we never intended to go, but s...
A Scottish piper plays the bagpipes

At the Glenfiddich whiskey distillery

My wife and I took the low road* to Scotland. I don't really...

 "Goodbye, KNP. You will always be my first true love"....
The view from a window overlooking the Bay of Kotronas

The nuns of Mistras go out for a walk – a queue of cats will join them shortly. The plains of Sparta are visible in the distance

Photos by Ruti Porter When the kids were small we'd all go i...
Jewish presence can be felt even in the most remote areas of the world ... the Gulfoss waterfall which looks to be shaped like the State of Israel

A restaurant in the village of Husavik ... with a familiar symbol on the wall

Story and photos by Debbie Sinai Well, nearly. It is as clos...
Getting the lowdown on Jewish Portugal at the exhibition

Japan’s Jewish links were promoted at the tourism show

Bringing a musical mix to the Tel Aviv event

Photos & text: Lydia Aisenberg The Israel Tourism Exhibi...
Arromanches beach.  Story and photos by Adrian Wolff

Adrian Wolff in the Omaha US Military Cemetery.

A Verdun artillery bunker.

German Artillery at Cap Gris Nez housed in a concrete saucer capable of firing across the English Channel

German artillery battery facing seawards at Longues sur Mere

Pegasus Bridge at Benouville today

Le Coupule, housing the German V2 rocket launchers

The picturesque Belgian town of Bouillon

 In October 2015, I was one of the 33 ex-IDF officers (...
Gee up ... tourists taking a ride in a Polish horse taxi Photos: Ruti Porter

Dressed in folk costumes, the dancers, singers paraded down the crowded main street, each group with its own band

A touch of glass ... the glass façade of Polin, the Jewish Museum in Warsaw

I was reluctant to go to Poland, but Ruti wanted the grandch...
Imposing ... The Okinawa Institue of Science and Technology. Photo: Copyright OIST

On the map: Okinawa

The Himeyuri monument in Okinawa. Photo: A-gota-Wikipedia

Traditional and colorful ... the Ryuku dancers in Okinawa Photo: Myra Olswang

In the spring of 2015, at the conclusion of an organized gro...
This holy Hindu town has 52 stairways leading down to the lake where the water is believed to cleanse sins and cure skin diseases

Diwali Festival

A holy Hindu man carrying a food container

Window shopping in the bazaar ... a holy Indian cow in Pushkar

From Top Left: A Pushkar woman carrying vegetables on her head. At the Pushkar camel festival. Entrance to a Hindu temple and Lunch at Chabad in Pushkar.

Story and photos by Marion Stone Pushkar is a holy pilgrimag...
Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid. Story and photos by Barbara Abraham

Hugs ... Anette de Florie (left) with Barbara Abraham in Copenhagen

The memorial service for Raoul Wallenberg

As Danny Kaye serenaded it – 'And there she stands waiting f...
A view of the old Kasbah in Skoura, Morocco

Our Berber guide

An interior of Dar Ahlam

Ten years ago, we had the holiday from hell in Marrakesh. It...
Artisan Giorgio Filicamo with the writer’s wife, Lenore Hahn (left) and Sonia Dorfman, a customer from Hong Kong. Above the door, the Shema in Hebrew.   Photo: Herb Hahn

Located between the towns of Amalfi and Salerno, above the A...
Klimt’s Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, subject of the movie Woman in Gold, is on permanent view at the Neue Galerie, Fifth Avenue, New York

The Judenplatz Holocaust Memorial in Vienna

Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds in a scene from ‘Woman in Gold’

Hotel Metropole, where the deportation of Vienna’s Jews was organized

In July 2014, I returned to Vienna after a long pause, to re...
Writer James Joyce (below) and a night in a Dublin pub (above) Photo Credit:

Photo: Alex Ehrenzweig

Photo Credit: David

A bridge over the River Lifffey in Dublin

For those of you who have never visited Ireland, be advised:...
Exterior of the Jewish Museum at Belmonte

Inside the Porto Synagogue

A palace in Lisbon used during the Inquisition

A view from the gallery in the Belmonte Synagogue

A librarian at the Portugal Coimbra University holds a 12th century Bible, believed to have been written for Abarbanel

Story and Photos by Evelynne Cherny  Together with two ...
Pamela enjoying a Japanese delicacy . . . locally-gathered wild vegetables. She says she was wearing both the kimono and the yakuta because she was freezing!   Photos by Pamela Levene

Before the seder began ... two families, both with an Israeli father and a Japanese mum

As a teenager I had many pen-friends. Amongst the exotic pos...
Ring that bell ... Town Crier Chris Brown in action. Photo: Lydia Aisenberg

Town Crier tells intriguing tale of his mother's friendship ...