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Writer James Joyce (below) and a night in a Dublin pub (above) Photo Credit:

Photo: Alex Ehrenzweig

Photo Credit: David

A bridge over the River Lifffey in Dublin

For those of you who have never visited Ireland, be advised:...

Modiin’s Mahj Mavens (from left) Nechama Namal, Lori Abrams, Hinda Hausdorff, Rita Katz, Cynthia Barmor

On, May 4, the Modiin MahJ Mavens hosted their third annual ...
Photos and words by Ilan Hirschowitz

The man who started it all in 1996 ... Cyclenix founder John Cohen

Cycling quartet ... Anna Sheffer, Barbara Sher, Yochi Levy and Michal Cahn

Cyclenix members Yvette Hirschowitz and Merril Walder

I think one could say without a doubt that cycling is Israel...
Women's fashion in the sixties-Courtesy of AMC-www keepfronting co uk

Photo Credits: Raimond Spekking-Wikipedia

Photo Credits: Raimond Spekking-Wikipedia

Alan Light-Wikipedia

Photo Credits: Kevin


Skinny jeans-Wikipedia

Courtesy of Forum

Courtesy of World Fashian Style Blogspot

Viva la difference. Men and women, of course, wear very diff...

How's this for starters . . . the worst opening lines Advent...
 There is a commandment to ritually clean certain unuse...
Up and away ... flying in grace

Up on the roof as the kite festival gets underway

Inside a kite shop

Sky’s the limit: trying to get a kite to fly

Story and Photos by Anantha Krishnan  Kites fill the sk...
Exterior of the Jewish Museum at Belmonte

Inside the Porto Synagogue

A palace in Lisbon used during the Inquisition

A view from the gallery in the Belmonte Synagogue

A librarian at the Portugal Coimbra University holds a 12th century Bible, believed to have been written for Abarbanel

Story and Photos by Evelynne Cherny  Together with two ...
Pamela enjoying a Japanese delicacy . . . locally-gathered wild vegetables. She says she was wearing both the kimono and the yakuta because she was freezing!   Photos by Pamela Levene

Before the seder began ... two families, both with an Israeli father and a Japanese mum

As a teenager I had many pen-friends. Amongst the exotic pos...
 The truism that you never get a second chance to make ...

Flasks and sandwiches for lunch

Enjoying the Turtle Walk

Ingredients for a successful morning for a very heterogeneou...
illustration by Denis Shifrin

Did you hear about the man who forgot his zip code? An elder...
Ring that bell ... Town Crier Chris Brown in action. Photo: Lydia Aisenberg

Town Crier tells intriguing tale of his mother's friendship ...
Story and photos by Rhoda Goodman

Bernie Goodman with the statue of Maimonides in Cordoba

Bernie Goodman laying tefilin in the Jewish Quarter of Cordoba

 We were very lucky. The weather in Spain from mid-Octo...
Those red, red rocks ... a delicate arch and (below) at Monument Valley. Story and Photos by Susan de la Fuente

A river runs through it ... the natural beauty of the Virgin River

Our nine-week coast-to-coast U.S. trip began in Washington D...
Freda Pincus at 95

NEW HOMES § Kfar SabaEvelyn Sachs BIRTHS § On your daughterI...

How's this for a ripping yarn? A successful businessman park...

Do you ever wonder . . . ...why the sun lightens our hair, b...
Fresh fish caught in the Seychelles. Photos: Ruti Porter

Inside St Paul’s Cathedral in Victoria, where congregants swayed as they sang

The Hindu temple in Victoria . . . brilliant colors and a wealth of small statues

Mike Porter goes on a visit to the Seychelles (Well, someone...
Incredible oppulence in the Hermitage, Catherine’s Winter Palace. Photos: Cynthia Barmor

Peterhof, Peter the Great’s Summer Palace

Cynthia Barmor in front of St Basil’s Cathedral Auditorium in Red Square

Auditorium of the Marinsky Theater

Curios ... but check out the familiar labels

A wall ornamenation at the Hermitage

Moscow’s Red Square at night with the walls of the Kremlin to the left

The Grand Choral Synagogue in St Petersburg

How many ways are there to use gold? A visit to Moscow and S...