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Manuscript in the Etz Haim Library, Amsterdam. Story and photos by Harry D. Wall

The philosopher Spinoza

The interior of Amsterdam’s Portuguese Synagogue

The Jewish cultural district of Amsterdam

A visit to Jewish Cultural Quarter in Amsterdam requires a s...
Holocaust and Genocide Memorial grove, Sonoma State University campus

A few of the 460 ceramic memorial bricks under the railway tracks

Designed to honor survivors and victims of the Holocaust and...
Second generation Holocaust survivors Zvi Berkovitch and Judy Goldstein each light memorial candles at the Modiin ceremony in memory of the six million Jews who perished at the hands of the Nazis (Photos: Flori Cohen, Sruly Cooper, Avraham Rotstein)

Found in a ghetto ... a hand-drawn birthday card, now at Yad Vashem

Sara Shor, of Yad Vashem, speaking

From left to right: Dr. Teria Shantall, Shlomo Pazzy, Deputy Mayor of Modiin-Maccabim-Reut, Gerry Wine, Ruchama Berkovitch, Achinoam Rotstein

ESRA Modiin Chair Cynthia Barmor (left), ESRA Membership Chair Carol Lipman (center) and Jackie Klein speaking at the event

The Holocaust was an atrocity carried out by a monster of ev...
The compass which was lost more than 70 years ago

Yaniv Sagee, Executive Director of Givat Haviva, with the compass at MORESHET presentation ceremony

Haviva Reik (second from left) and her British Army Palmach comrades training in Egypt

 A small pocket compass dropped in Slovakia by pre-Stat...
Collage of Levi book jackets, photos and poems in Elizabeth’s apartment in Tiberias

Primo Levi ... vivid recall of visual images during his 11 months as a slave laborer

The square in Haifa named after Primo Levi

Report and photographs by Elizabeth Levi Senigaglia Remember...
In front of the the photo of Elfriede and Julius Berg is their silver cup holder which was saved for 72 years

The memorial stones unveiled to the Bergs in Berlin

Ralph Alon’s mother Margaret – the Berg’s daughter – and father Bill

Just over a year ago, I received a letter from someone in th...
Laura Rusk . . .on her left arm the numbers 79564 which she was given in Auschwitz

Laura Rusk aged 12 in Sosniwiec, Poland

With Avner Shalev, the president of Yad Vashem

Speaking at a pro-Israel conference in Bern, Switzerland

Laura on her 90th birthday in Israel with daughter Helena

 "How do you like Auschwitz?" the Chief Commander of th...
Rav Simcha Bunim, head of the Aliyah Movement, speaking in Pultusk, Poland in 1928.

The writer’s mother, Bobby Rose, aged 17, on the eve of World War II

Family portrait: Esther (first on left), elder sister Fay and younger sister Carolyn, with Bobby Rose and Rav Simcha, taken shortly before Rav Simcha died

Shlomo graduating from Officer's training

My father's years working in the unbelievable cold of Siberi...
Atarah Fisher addresses the audience

Audience members listen to Atarah Fisher’s talk in Modiin

Story and Photos by Flori Cohen Although a difficult subject...
Child survivors of the Holocaust attending school in the Feldafing Displaced Persons Camp in Germany

A page dealing with Shavuot in the B’Derech 1946 publication

Kibbutz Mishmar HaEmek children celebrating Shavuot in 2014

A show of hands by the young girls of Kibbutz Mishmar HaEmek

Story and Photos by Lydia Aisenberg On the table before me a...
Chiune Sugihara wrote blank visas for Jews and threw them from departing train

In the landscaped grounds in the park outside, this Universalist message rings loud and clear. Statues and memorials dot the expansive park

Example of a Sugihara visa

Three works at the Sugihara Museum:Fountain in Memorial Park, Bust of Chiune Sugihara, Museum banner displayed on town streets, Bells of Peace.

The little agricultural town of Yaotsu sits amidst the pictu...
One of Hitler’s deadly V2 rockets is launched. It’s target: London Photo Credit: Bundesarchiv, Bild 141-1880-Wikimedia Commons

As we mark the end of the Second World War 70 years ago this...

Memories That Won't Go Away: A Tribute to the Children of th...

I cut my writing and editing teeth, quite literally, on the ...
Ho, ho, ho ... Walter Bingham as Santa Claus for the cover of a British supermarket’s Christmas catalogue

Walter as a young boy

As a soldier in the British Army, Walter took part in the Normandy invasion

Walter with his parents in Germany

Walter played a beggar on a London street as part of a newspaper investigation

Based on an interview with Walter Bingham Walter Bingham was...
Kurt Rosenburg and Stanley Cohen at a reunion many years after Kurt was taken into the family as a Kindertransport child.

Lord Attenborough (2007): His family took in Kindertransport youngsters. Photo Credit:

Hush hush ... the Grand Hotel in Birmingham where the secret meeting was held. Photo Credit: Brittish

Few private individuals, especially young people, ever have ...

Composer Lior Navok

A scene from "And the Trains Kept Coming"

Nuremberg performance for Israeli's Holocaust oratorio The f...
Uncle Hershel in his prisoners’ uniform in a photo taken after the war

Uncle Hershel with his wife Frieda (left) and his niece Ida – the writer’s grandmother – in Israel a few years before his death

Israel's Holocaust commemoration day, Yom Hashoah, falls on ...
Spencer Tracy in a scene from the movie ‘Judgment at Nuremberg’,. Writer Eric Moss says that the film made a big impression on him

My complex encounter with Germans and Israelis at a Second G...

A Boy's Desperate Fight for Survival in Wartime Author: Rubi...