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KATHE: Always Been in Norway - The war destiny of an or...
Sousa Mendes with Rabbi Chaim Kruger, June 1940

Hans and Margret Rey — Sousa Mendes Visa recipients who created the Curious George books

Sousa Mendes Square in Jerusalem, organized by the Sousa Mendes Foundation

By Arthur Berger and Harry D. Wall Photos: Courtesy Sousa Me...
Entrance to the Museum of Memorial

The printing press used to print the fake identity cards

Story and photos by Laurence Lebor In the last issue of...
Cyclist Gino Bartali By Laurence Lebor in action in 1945 (Photo: Wikipedia)

Memorial plaque dedicated to Gino Bartali in Terontola

Riding up to Assisi

Last September I participated in a remarkable and inspiring ...
The exterior of the synagogue in Falticeni, Romania

The memorial for Jewish Heroes from WWI in the Suceava Cemetery, alongside the gravestone for the Jewish victims of the Zaharesti pogrom of July 1, 1940

On October 9, 1941 – an important date in Holocaust history ...
The Star of Lithuanian Diplomacy, the highest Lithuanian medal of Diplomacy

Abel and Glenda Levitt with their children Ari, Sonya, Adam and Mia

The Lithuanian Embassy in Tel Aviv held a ceremony on June 5...
Flowers brought by the children of Birzai and put on the mass grave in the forest

The memorial wall with names of the victims cut out on the metal sheets (Photo: Merunis Jukonis)

Myra Olswang’s family gravestone uncovered in the cemetery

On June 16, 2019 about 500 people gathered in Birzai, Lithua...
Daisy pictured in Marienbad in 1936

The 1939 letter offering Daisy a home in ‘cold’ Sunderland

Daisy’s precious scrapbook ... she is pictured third from the left in the photo taken in Adath Yisroel School, Berlin, in September 1935

 "Everyone in tears, little children grasping their mot...
My mother and grandparents survived a murderous pogrom in St...
I find the ESRAmagazine extremely interesting and read it, v...
1961: Giora Fried as a patrol boat officer

Reunion ... Giora with Paul Weil

Giora Fried ... received a phone call from a stranger in 2007

Giora Fried with his aunt in 1949

 As so many ESRAmagazine readers know, the Raanana ESRA...
Five cyclists from Israel at the start in Berlin: Daniel Cavenor, Richard Szental, Laurence Lebor, Paul and Nadav Alexander

Prince William listens as Henry Foner, another Kindertransport survivor, tells him his story

Prince William meets Paul Alexander at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem

Making tracks . . . Paul Alexander and his son, Nadav, on the bike ride

The writer’s husband, Laurence Lebor, crosses the finishing line in London

 This November it will be 80 years since the Nazi pogro...
Remembering . . . lighting candles at the joint ceremony in Modiin

Speakers Edie Kalib (left) and Chaya Subar

Members of ESRA Modiin and Hadassah joint event committee with speakers. Seated (second left) is Modiin’s Deputy Mayor, Shlomo Pazzy

They did it again. In another show of community solidarity, ...

 We were "floating" down the rivers of Europe on a love...
A small fishing boat with escaping Jewish refugees having crossed into Swedish sea and therefore daring to come up on deck to see Sweden's coast on the horizon (Picture is part of Paul Pinchas Melchior’s PowerPoint presentation)

1945: Werner Bachmann (center) with brothers Paul and Robert in Stockholm, before departing to liberated Denmark. Below: Werner today

Public announcement in Danish and German from chief commander of German military occupation forces about martial law as of 29th August, 1943

40 years ago Israel commemorated the rescue with a stamp

Field Marshal Montgomery, liberator of Denmark 4th May 1945 is cheered in Copenhagen after the liberation (

It is now 75 years since my family and I together with about...
Oscar and Judy Prager

David Prager with his father Oscar

The evening of the 79th anniversary of Kristallnacht saw mor...
Manuscript in the Etz Haim Library, Amsterdam.Story and photos by Harry D. Wall

The philosopher Spinoza

The interior of Amsterdam’s Portuguese Synagogue

The Jewish cultural district of Amsterdam

A visit to Jewish Cultural Quarter in Amsterdam requires a s...
Second generation Holocaust survivors Zvi Berkovitch and Judy Goldstein each light memorial candles at the Modiin ceremony in memory of the six million Jews who perished at the hands of the Nazis (Photos: Flori Cohen, Sruly Cooper, Avraham Rotstein)

Found in a ghetto ... a hand-drawn birthday card, now at Yad Vashem

Sara Shor, of Yad Vashem, speaking

From left to right: Dr. Teria Shantall, Shlomo Pazzy, Deputy Mayor of Modiin-Maccabim-Reut, Gerry Wine, Ruchama Berkovitch, Achinoam Rotstein

ESRA Modiin Chair Cynthia Barmor (left), ESRA Membership Chair Carol Lipman (center) and Jackie Klein speaking at the event

The Holocaust was an atrocity carried out by a monster of ev...
The compass which was lost more than 70 years ago

Yaniv Sagee, Executive Director of Givat Haviva, with the compass at MORESHET presentation ceremony

Haviva Reik (second from left) and her British Army Palmach comrades training in Egypt

 A small pocket compass dropped in Slovakia by pre-Stat...
Collage of Levi book jackets, photos and poems in Elizabeth’s apartment in Tiberias

Primo Levi ... vivid recall of visual images during his 11 months as a slave laborer

The square in Haifa named after Primo Levi

Report and photographs by Elizabeth Levi Senigaglia Remember...

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