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Entrance to the Museum of Memorial

The printing press used to print the fake identity cards

Story and photos by Laurence Lebor In the last issue of...
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Photo: Wiki Commons

We bless our sons, their spouses, and our grandchildren befo...
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Cyclist Gino Bartali By Laurence Lebor in action in 1945 (Photo: Wikipedia)

Memorial plaque dedicated to Gino Bartali in Terontola

Riding up to Assisi

Last September I participated in a remarkable and inspiring ...
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In the beginning of his book Festival of Freedom (Ktav, 2006...
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My zeide was a "real" zeide. He was no "zaydee," as so many ...
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The memorial stones unveiled to the Bergs in Berlin

Ralph Alon’s mother Margaret – the Berg’s daughter – and father Bill

Just over a year ago, I received a letter from someone in th...
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The exterior of the synagogue in Falticeni, Romania

The memorial for Jewish Heroes from WWI in the Suceava Cemetery, alongside the gravestone for the Jewish victims of the Zaharesti pogrom of July 1, 1940

On October 9, 1941 – an important date in Holocaust history ...
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The Seven Species. Photo Wikipedia

What about the wine in the land of milk and h...
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Dr Bernd Wollschlaeger

"Abba, mi haSaba sheli?" (Daddy, who was my grandfather?). A...
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"What hath God wrought." This was the very first message sen...
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​My first teacher was my father. When I turned three, he kne...
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Suszanna Santana Sadi, youth leader of the Havana Jewish Community

Paying respects ... Fidel Babani Leon at the Jewish cemetery in Havana

A tightly-knit Jewish community whose members escaped the Sp...
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Amos Guetta, one of the leaders of the Libyan Jewish community, in the Beit El Synagogue in Piazza Bologna, Rome

Beit Knesset Beit El interior, Givat Olga

Enjoying a helping of mafrum

Story of the Jews of Libya   In Italian author Pri...
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The Hebrew name of Adonai, inscribed on the keystone of the Santa Fe cathedral at the request of a major (Jewish) benefactor

Typical Pueblo Indian-influenced architecture in Santa Fe

The Western movie style lobby of the venerable El Rancho Hotel in Gallup NM, reminiscent of a fancy ski lodge

When Jordi was just ten years old, his grandfather said, "Th...
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Lashon Hakodesh: History, Holiness & HebrewA Linguistic ...
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The black and white 1940s Knitting Pattern

Story and photos by Lydia Aisenberg A black-and-white 1...
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A poignant engraving in Lori’s garden in Poway, San Diego

A trip out ... Lori with Amilia Lev’s daughter, Anat Shlocker, in Ramat Rachel last year

Lori celebrating her 60th birthday in Modiin with the Shlocker and Lev families

A visit to the relocated American Embassy in Jerusalem

Shopping trip ... Lori Kaye visiting Jerusalem’s shuk in December

A woman who was killed in a synagogue shooting in the U.S. t...
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Rabbi Aryeh A. Frimer

The hallmark of Rosh Hashanah is the mitzva of blowing the s...
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Hasia and Nathan Snipper

Tea time for the Snippers at home

Hasia and Nathan Snipper The rains had come early to Koydano...
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The Star of Lithuanian Diplomacy, the highest Lithuanian medal of Diplomacy

Abel and Glenda Levitt with their children Ari, Sonya, Adam and Mia

The Lithuanian Embassy in Tel Aviv held a ceremony on June 5...
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