Laura Rusk . . .on her left arm the numbers 79564 which she was given in Auschwitz

Laura Rusk aged 12 in Sosniwiec, Poland

With Avner Shalev, the president of Yad Vashem

Speaking at a pro-Israel conference in Bern, Switzerland

Laura on her 90th birthday in Israel with daughter Helena

 "How do you like Auschwitz?" the Chief Commander of th...
A Havana synagogue member holds the shechita knives

Street scene Havana

Distinctive . . . cars of many colors in Cuba

Thumbs up ... two locals in Havana

Boys on home-made scooters

A square viewed from a Havana balcony

Knives are out for us on a trip to the island of Fidel and C...
Murad family photo Baghdad, 1949. Standing: siblings, Zaki, Doris (15), Emil (18). Seated: parents Simha and Ovadia with little brother Sami (10)

This is the story of citizens who were proud of their countr...
Writer Diana Lerner (center) with her sisters, Roz, who lives in Jerusalem, and Libby, who lives in Teaneck, New Jersey

The author’s father at Ellis Island

Following a perilous three-week journey of seasickness, temp...
Rav Simcha Bunim, head of the Aliyah Movement, speaking in Pultusk, Poland in 1928.

The writer’s mother, Bobby Rose, aged 17, on the eve of World War II

Family portrait: Esther (first on left), elder sister Fay and younger sister Carolyn, with Bobby Rose and Rav Simcha, taken shortly before Rav Simcha died

Shlomo graduating from Officer's training

My father's years working in the unbelievable cold of Siberi...

 The Mishna in Tractate Rosh Hashanah (16a) establishes...
Hava Almo in the Ethiopian Cultural Heritage Center she’s created in her own home in Beit Shean

Yiftach Arnon, visiting the Ethiopian Center from a nearby kibbutz, becomes an instant Ethiopian elder at the hands of Hava

Story and Photos: Lydia Aisenberg  Hava Almo originates...
Klimt’s Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, subject of the movie Woman in Gold, is on permanent view at the Neue Galerie, Fifth Avenue, New York

The Judenplatz Holocaust Memorial in Vienna

Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds in a scene from ‘Woman in Gold’

Hotel Metropole, where the deportation of Vienna’s Jews was organized

In July 2014, I returned to Vienna after a long pause, to re...
Atarah Fisher addresses the audience

Audience members listen to Atarah Fisher’s talk in Modiin

Story and Photos by Flori Cohen Although a difficult subject...
Child survivors of the Holocaust attending school in the Feldafing Displaced Persons Camp in Germany

A page dealing with Shavuot in the B’Derech 1946 publication

Kibbutz Mishmar HaEmek children celebrating Shavuot in 2014

A show of hands by the young girls of Kibbutz Mishmar HaEmek

Story and Photos by Lydia Aisenberg On the table before me a...
Chiune Sugihara wrote blank visas for Jews and threw them from departing train

In the landscaped grounds in the park outside, this Universalist message rings loud and clear. Statues and memorials dot the expansive park

Example of a Sugihara visa

Three works at the Sugihara Museum:Fountain in Memorial Park, Bust of Chiune Sugihara, Museum banner displayed on town streets, Bells of Peace.

The little agricultural town of Yaotsu sits amidst the pictu...
Above:The Kremlin by

Alexander Lerner’s portrait of Albert Einstein

Story and Photos by Liz Trakeniski The announcement of the r...
 There is a commandment to ritually clean certain unuse...
Exterior of the Jewish Museum at Belmonte

Inside the Porto Synagogue

A palace in Lisbon used during the Inquisition

A view from the gallery in the Belmonte Synagogue

A librarian at the Portugal Coimbra University holds a 12th century Bible, believed to have been written for Abarbanel

Story and Photos by Evelynne Cherny  Together with two ...
One of Hitler’s deadly V2 rockets is launched. It’s target: London Photo Credit: Bundesarchiv, Bild 141-1880-Wikimedia Commons

As we mark the end of the Second World War 70 years ago this...
Some of the students enjoying the impromptu outdoor seder

The tables are set for the mock seder at Kiryat Nordau

This year our children were lucky to be involved in two amaz...
Martin Luther King ... inspiring

Fifty years ago I spent a summer in Mississippi helping Negr...
Pamela enjoying a Japanese delicacy . . . locally-gathered wild vegetables. She says she was wearing both the kimono and the yakuta because she was freezing!   Photos by Pamela Levene

Before the seder began ... two families, both with an Israeli father and a Japanese mum

As a teenager I had many pen-friends. Amongst the exotic pos...
The logo for this year’s conference, being held in Jerusalem

Jewish genealogy international conference, Washington, 2011

The popular TV show Who Do You Think You Are, in which exper...
A painting of Margo Donovan’s grandfather, Joseph David Amsterdam

Serving dishes of the Hutschenreuther china, now used at the Friday table

The ‘Red House’ detention center in Bari, Italy

In Central Park ... Margo Donovan with her parents and brother Carey

Friday night ... one of the postcards featuring Margo’s grandfather

It is said that inanimate objects can contain holiness. The ...