Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook. Photo Credit: Shuku (own work) @Wikipedia Commons

No hours were more difficult in the life of our forebears th...
The then and now of New York’s Orchard Street. Story and photos by Lydia Aisenberg

The treadle- pressing tailor at work ... a statue in New York

The Tenement Museum at 97 Orchard Street, New York

A tiny, dim and absolutely claustrophobic apartment on New Y...

American humorist Mark Twain

On Simchat Torah we start reading the Torah anew. I know the...
Photo credit: Beth h

Many years ago when I took my first spiritual steps on what ...
Fig saplings grew two meters in one year at the nursery at Akrich, adjacent to the sacred burial site of the Hebrew saint, Raphael HaCohen

Yossef Ben-Meir and his Moroccan kippa

Branching out ... a youth receives organic fruit trees grown at the Akrich nursery

All smiles ... Moroccan women cheering the arrival of guests of different faiths

Dig in ... Moroccan governor of the Al Haouz province, Mr. Younes El Bathaoui, and the Ambassador of the U.S. to the Kingdom of Morocco, Dwight Bush Sr planting a tree

"You could tell when the Jewish boys came into town because ...
The Isaac Ochberg Memorial Promenade and Park, Menashe Hills. Story and main photo by Lydia Aisenberg

Set in stone: The memorial to Isaac Ochberg. Photo: Yael Meyer

The Menashe Hills are alive with the musical sounds of young...
Illustration by Denis Shifrin

How the London Times reported the tartan story

While Britain is immersed in arguments for and against Brexi...
Richard Shavei-Tzion stands between his grandparents' and his wife's grandparents' graves facing each other amongst tens of thousands in the Pinelands Cemetery, Cape Town

Unmarked children’s graves at Braamfontein Cemetery, Johannesburg

Richard Shavei-Tzion at the grave of his great-grandfather at Braamfontein Cemetery, Johannesburg

My family's experience reflects the migratory patterns of So...
Vineyard. Photo:

Sitting around the table with my Yesh Atid colleagues in the...
The Ecuadorian passport which was provided for Alex de Haas and members of his family

Rabbi Jacobson

One of the Righteous: Manuel Antonio Muñoz Borrero

Interior of the Jeschurun Synagogue, Stockholm ... it survived Kristallnacht

At Yad Vashem (from left) granddaughter Manuela Bjelke, Dr. Efraim Zadoff, Seth Jacobson, grandson Manuel Bjelke, son Lennart Bjelke and Mrs. Betty Meyer, one of those saved by the passports

"And so we must know these good people who helped Jews durin...
Mordechai Ben-Porat: Organizer

Iraqi Jewish immigrants after their arrival at Lod Airport in 1951

With them the seed of wisdom did I sowAnd with mine own hand...

Then and now: Pretty, snow-filled grounds in Nuernberg, home to Hitler’s Nazi Party rallies of the 1930s Photo credit: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-C12701. Photos: Inge and Daniel David

The bright lights of the Nuernberg's Christmas market

Rooftop view over Nuernberg

Inge David with Dieter Haspal, the grandson of her father’s business partner, and his wife, also called Inge

Brass plate memorials to German Jews who were deported to concentration camps and murdered by the Nazis

Plaque showing what a synagogue in Nuernberg looked like before the Nazis destroyed it in August 1938

Daniel on the Rhine cruise

 My 17-year-old grandson Daniel and I recently returned...
Gee up ... tourists taking a ride in a Polish horse taxi Photos: Ruti Porter

Dressed in folk costumes, the dancers, singers paraded down the crowded main street, each group with its own band

A touch of glass ... the glass façade of Polin, the Jewish Museum in Warsaw

I was reluctant to go to Poland, but Ruti wanted the grandch...
(In memory of my mother Esther Miriam Frimer a”h)

The rules of expressing thanks (hakarat haTov) are very spec...

Netanya Hoops for Kids and the Barak Netanya basketball club...
This holy Hindu town has 52 stairways leading down to the lake where the water is believed to cleanse sins and cure skin diseases

Diwali Festival

A holy Hindu man carrying a food container

Window shopping in the bazaar ... a holy Indian cow in Pushkar

From Top Left: A Pushkar woman carrying vegetables on her head. At the Pushkar camel festival. Entrance to a Hindu temple and Lunch at Chabad in Pushkar.

Story and photos by Marion Stone Pushkar is a holy pilgrimag...
The Kristianstad Synagogue furniture at Lechu Neranena, Raanana

I had never really harbored any ambitions of becoming an int...
In memory of our son Yaakov Yehudah Frimer

In the "Al ha-nissim" paragraph, which is added to our praye...
In front of the the photo of Elfriede and Julius Berg is their silver cup holder which was saved for 72 years

The memorial stones unveiled to the Bergs in Berlin

Ralph Alon’s mother Margaret – the Berg’s daughter – and father Bill

Just over a year ago, I received a letter from someone in th...
Eli Libenson watching one of the Shabbat morning services which is streamed live from the shul in Cleveland, Ohio

My late mother, Alyce Kohn Kaplan, was the salutatorian of h...