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As a Mediterranean country with a long coastline, Israel is ...
Photos: Nitzan Krivine

Great for Passover but so delicious you'll want to make it a...
Our cookery expert Janine Levy presents a selection of festival recipes she describes as ‘Pesach friendly

There were so many food trends in 2017 – low carb, juicing, ...

About 95% of Israeli wine is produced by its twelve largest ...
Cookery class for children and grandparents. Story and photo by Carol Novis

Avital Sebag’s book

Young children aren't generally known for their adventurous ...
Latkes cooling. Photo by

Our cookery expert Janine Levy with some recipes that'll mak...

While Israeli winemakers are being awarded accolades across ...
Photos: Sabrina Speaker and Karen Maoz

Karen Maoz and her challot (above)

Supermarket checkout ... Karen's regular Wednesday shop

Karen’s daughter, Arielle, with a tray of delicious freshly baked challot

 Every Thursday night, Karen Maoz sets her alarm for 03...

Five Seasons in the Kitchen: Zen-inspired Vegan Cooking Cook...
What is it about the timing of Rosh Hashanah? "Ooooooh it's ...
Photos: Bar Snir

No sugar, no white flour is chock-full of dried fruits – it'...
Dosa Bar (Photo: Amit Eli)

Photo: Shai Ohayon

Photo: Anatoly Mikhaelo

Photo: Fifi Polad

Photo: Amit Giron

Photo: Almog Dvir

Photo: Anatoly Mikhaelo

Photo: Victor Lavi

 Asian cuisine in Israel has had an interesting evoluti...
The vineyard at the Domaine Boutique Herzberg Kosher Winery

If you ever wondered how things get built around here or how...
The Green: Johns

Bulletproof: Jaspers

New Fashioned: Botanika

Madame 57 from French 57

Gandhi delivers smiles at Cocktails & Dreams

Maple syrup, eggs whites and Chartreuse are some of the more...
Delicacy at the Anna Restaurant

Israel is blessed with quite a few Italian restaurants, maki...
Photos: Bar Snir

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This recipe is an easy, fun recipe that everyone loves. No m...
Tulip and MAIA CEO/Owner Roy Itzhaki ... makes wines with a mission in mind

Australian trained Israeli winemaker David Bar-Ilan values his time in the vineyards as much as the winery

Roy Itzhaki is one of Israel's true wine pioneers in not onl...
Delicious lemon tart

Quite an Eiffel! The famous tower made out of gingerbread cookies

Who could resist chocolate honey donuts? Photo: Afik Gabay

King's consort Marie-Antoinette is famed to have said the ph...
Competitive edge ... Nitzan and Shy in Bake Off Israel

Nitzan and Shy busy creating another amazing cake.

The wedding cake they created with the two upside down bridegrooms

Nitzan’s great at creating adverts ... here she’s creating in the kitchen

Nitzan and Shy with Aldo Henriquez (left), spouse of the British Ambassador to Israel David Quarrey (second left), and the 95cm high Queen’s birthday cake

Bake Off judges (from left) chef and restaurateur Ran Shmueli, chocolatier Oded Brenner and Israeli baking guru Carine Goren

We’ve won! The moment Nitzan and Shy were announced the winners of Bake Off Israel. Their prize: a trip to Zanzibar

Contestants in the big tent constructed in Tel Aviv’s Ganei Yehoshua Park

Nitzan Krivine, ESRAmagazine's ad designer, and her friend S...

Buzzy: the man who came to brunch

Brunch is not as much of an institution in Israel as it is i...