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Nahariya flood in the 1930s (Photo: Courtesy of Nahariya Museum)

 It is Sunday, January 5, 2020, around 20:00. Returning...
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By Trevor Janes with the help of Laura Brown People see sust...
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The girls’ notice board in the grocery store

Photos by Einav Olswang How ingenious youngsters got to grip...
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Volunteer Adi Mantegvosh Amara with an egg-layer who said ‘Thank You’ after de-lousing (Photo: Freedom Farm Sanctuary)

Mother and daughter dairy cows Angela (left) and Gali, saved from slaughter and re-united (Photo: Freedom Farm Sanctuary)

ESRA’s Maia Aron with Billy, a goat who was considered “useless” because of his disability and was left to die (Photo: Ruth Levy-Abramson)

It may be difficult to teach empathy and compassion, but it ...
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Swedish activist Greta Thunberg (Photo: Wikipedia)

The youth climate change demonstration in Tel Aviv Rothschild Boulevard

A protester with the words “I want to live” etched on her face

Photos: Strike for Future Israel It's sexy, it's cool; the i...
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Have bin bags, will clean up ... (from left) Martha Kruger, Karen Fruchtman, Sylvie Schapira, Claire Curetti and Sylvia Kruger

When ESRA member Sylvie Schapira landed in Zichron in 2015, ...
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Is solar power the answer? The world press is full of articl...
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OPINION by Mike Porter "We are all children of God" – Zorika...
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Israel is a rare example in the world of a water-starved cou...
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Tremors in our part of the world are overdue. Don't panic – ...
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The garden’s waterlily pool

Two views of Botanical Gardens baby baobabs

In the land of dreamers, every new venture starts as a dream...
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Hot smoking ground with Kibbutz Nachal Oz in the background

A firefighter and fire truck working on the edge of the Beeri Forest

A salute to the brave men tasked with putting out the flames...
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The tree with branches everywhere ... the sycamore in Netanya’s HaShikma Garden. Photo Credit: Avishai teicher, via Wikimedia Commons

Modern mosaic of the sycamore

If trees could talk, the Etz HaShikma (the Sycamore) of Neta...
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Henry Shakenovsky on his bridge over untroubled waters in his Ramat Hasharon garden. Story and photos by Lynette Karp

A koi swims in the stone fish pond

 Henry Shakenovsky is not only a distinguished man of t...
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Illustration by Denis Shifrin

 It was a hot day when I discovered I needed some disti...
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1922: The Waldman family in Tel Aviv (from left) Elka, Moshe, Lala (Dave Bloom’s mother), Rose, Betty

Moshe Waldman as a young soldier in the Austro-Hungarian Army – First World War

The Power Hydro Electric Power Station on the Jordan River in the 1920s. Photo: Zionist Archives

Some of the Photovoltaic (PC) panels on the roof of Gail and Dave Bloom’s home in Kochav Yair

Moshe Waldman (second row on left), with Pinhas Rutenberg (second row, fourth from left, ) and workers of the original Israel Electric Corporation at the first diesel-powered station in Hachashmal Street, Tel Aviv, circa 1926

 My story starts almost 100 years ago when my maternal ...
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Metal gazelle cutouts on watch over Gazelle Valley. Story and photo by Lydia Aisenberg

How it used to be ... packing fruit in the Gazelle Valley

A short distance from the Begin highway, the most heavily tr...
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 "Goodbye, KNP. You will always be my first true love"....
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Sheila Patz cuts the ribbon to launch the Max Patz Trail

Patz ... nature lover

The Max Patz family dynasty outside the bird observatory

QR code for phones

The Jerusalem Bird Observatory, situated in the heart of Jer...
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Busy ... inside the exhibition hall at Tel Aviv’s Fair Grounds

The exhibition was attended by 8,000 representatives

"Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink" – but maybe...
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