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Israel’s iconic and legendary singer Naomi Shemer who died 16 years ago (Photo: Wikipedia)

Singer-songwriter David Ben Reuven ... composed a moving tribute to Naomi Shemer

On June 26th 2020 Israel marked the 16th anniversary of the ...
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Danny Sanderson and his band on stage

ESRA Chairman Terry Morris at the podium

Tarkin Adago telling his moving story

The audience enjoying the show

Photos: Richard Halon It may have been raining outside but t...
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Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra’s musical director Kirill Petrenko (Photo: Chris Christodoulou)

Berlin Philharmonic has Jewish director ... and th...
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The Modiin Music Lovers enjoying the Itzhak Perlman film

Virtuoso violinist Itzhak Perlman

TWO CAPACITY crowds were totally gripped by the fi...
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The audience enjoying the talk

Once again, Louise Stobicki educated and entertained ESRA Re...
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Jeff Shron (Photo: Evelynne Cherny)

Jeff shares his love of Chazzanut   ESRA Modiin Mu...
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When my daughter was 16 years old, she told us that she woul...
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On a high note ... ESRA members at the music festival

The Isrotel ClassiCameri tradition is still going strong, as...
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Marta Pereira da Costa, queen of Portuguese fado guitar player

Quinta and a Half – an Israeli vocal ensemble Photo: Nitzan Gur

The Felicja Blumental International Music Festival 16-21 Mar...
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Nelly Perry ... did wonderful work

Some 15 years ago, Netanya was targeted multiple times by te...
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Jock Falkson with his daughter Sharon

A sketch of Jock Falkson when when he won recognition as the foremost direct mail authority in South Africa

 I come from a singing family. We've always sung, espec...
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Members of ESRA Rehovot and Rishon enjoying the wine tasting event

ESRA Rehovot and Rishon branches inaugurated the new season ...
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 Musical welcome for the New Year  THE STREETS of ...
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Lovers ... Maurice Chevalier and Marlene Dietrich (Photo: Flickr)

Poster for the Dietrich-Chevalier show

How fight against Nazis strengthened movie stars' special bo...
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Guitarist Laurence Lebor in action at a gig

"I married a chartered surveyor and now I'm living with Jimi...
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 Social Club members entertained by some unusual musica...
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Performing in Emmanuel Church Tel Aviv on Christmas Day

Photos by Samuel Saada I must admit I didn't want to do it. ...
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Happy memories ... Nelly Perry and Gil Shohat at a fundraiser

 The ESRA Hand in Hand Food Pantry was started fifteen ...
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What a performance! Singers C B Davies, Dena Buchman Davies, Shimi Herman and Shlomit Leah Kovsalski

ESRA Modiin was recently treated to a wonderful evening of B...
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An Itzhak Perlman Klezmer album

Alicia Svigals

Clarinetist David Krakauer

 Klezmer music thrived in the Jewish world prior to Wor...
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