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Hora Dance at the Kibbutz Galia Ron 2018

Friday on Rothschild Blvd, Yitzhak Buberman 2013

On the Way to Israel, Aviva Sonsino 2017

Lower Galilee, Zoe Sever 2018

Hayarkon Park, Tel Aviv, Zoe Sever 2018

In honor of the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel, GIN...
Learning about Herzl's early life with “guests” from his era. Story and photos by Yael Meyer

Entering Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum

Inside Theodore Herzl’s office

On a lovely day in April, a busload of ESRA day-trippers tra...
Day of Liberation 1967: Day the Western Wall opened

Acrylic painting of the Day of Liberation with added interest

 Art work by Rona Harris reflecting scenes in Jerusalem...
The entrance to Beit HaGedudim. Photos:Yael Meyer

An exhibit in the Dutch section of Lochamei Hagetaot Museum

The Yad Leyeled Children’s Memorial Museum

Recently, a hearty group of ESRA day-trippers boarded a bus ...

Dalit Sharon ... we decided on the name The Garage because it doesn’t sound patronizing

The Garage students visiting the Vik Mumiz's exhibition at Tel Aviv Museum with guide Tamar Peled

I met Dalit Sharon, artist and teacher, in Ahad Haam Street,...
Guide Guy Sharett with art by TRA, which is ‘art’ spelled backwards. Story & photos: Carol Novis

Bearing up ... graffiti of a panda on a corrugated wall in Tel Aviv

 You may have noticed – who doesn't – that central Tel ...

Well-known artist Steffa Reis, who has exhibited her work at...