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Israel Baseball Team Heading to Japan Olympics

BaseballTeam Israel, headed for Tokyo, after winning the Europe-Africa Olympic Qualifier in Parma, Italy, September 2019. Photo: Margo Sugarman
Ace pitcher Joey Wagman led a team effort that earned Israel its historic Olympic berth. Photo: Margo Sugarman

"There is baseball in Israel!" Team Israel general manager P...
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Natural Gas

gasIllustration: Liora Blum
Renelle Joffe, holding the agreement, with Peter Ross, commercial advisor to the Israel Electric Company

A Panacea for Israeli Energy Market Two decades ago, I accep...
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Along Came a Hero

Along-Came-a-HeroIllustration: Liora Blum
Photo: Public Diplomacy Division, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

He rescued not only lives but faith in humankind as Arab wor...
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Three Book Reviews


I've chosen to review these three books because after readin...
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Dreams Never Dreamed: A Memoir by Kalman Samuels

ShalvaThe Shalva Band performing at Eurovision 2019, Tel Aviv (Photos: Courtesy of Shalva)
Yossi and his dad, Kalman

Yossi meets President George Bush and Laura Bush at the White House, Washington DC

If Kerry Samuels, a nice (secular) Jewish boy from Vancouver...
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New Year Greetings 2020

ESRA members wish family and friends a Happy New Year  ...
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When Moses Came to Eilat


Filming "Moses the Lawgiver"  Imagine a British-Italian...
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A Love Story from Long-Distance to Zero-Distance

LauraTrevorWeddin_20200827-101830_1Trevor and Laura at their wedding in Vancouver
Laura on the balcony in the Yemenite Quarter, Tel Aviv

Trevor enjoying a quiet moment in Mitzpe Ramon

Eating hamantaschen in Toronto, Canada, missing Israel!

Laura in the Negev

My Experience as a Canadian Postdoc in Israel My wife Laura ...
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My Grandfather's Shop

grandfatherPhoto by: Rodhullandemu / CC BY-SA
Percy and Bertha Galkoff on their golden wedding in 1957

Are any of you readers ex-Liverpudlians? If so - and you're ...
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An Officer Who Changed History

Mike-AmirMike Amir in 2012 when he was awarded a certificate of merit for his achievements in tourism to Israel
Mike Amir in uniform

Mike Amir with Dalia Ayalon Sinclair

"How can I help you?" Vivian asked the British officer stand...
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Doctor No

Doctor-No2Dr Harry Bloomberg ... wanted to make aliyah in 1949
A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend of mine and as is...
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Memories of a New Life in Australia

PortersGrandma Ruti proudly holds her newest granddaughter, not yet a week old, father Eyal smiles at her, and mother Ayala gets a moment to relax
Leaya today, driving a tractor on a farm in the Jordan Valley as part of her National Service. She is still in the wilds, like where she was born.

Kangaroo Luka and her son pop out of the rain forest and hop onto the veranda for food

In the last few years our three children have turned us into...
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Italian Jews Who Trusted a Saint

assisi_20200623-102710_1Statue of St Francis of Assisi in the Museum of Memorial courtyard
Entrance to the Museum of Memorial

The printing press used to print the fake identity cards

Story and photos by Laurence Lebor In the last issue of...
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Fight to Save Me from Swine Flu

ECMOApril 2016: Jessica Dahan in the ICU, Netcare Milpark Hospital, South Africa
Jessica in 2017, a year after her illness

The ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) team from Johannesburg arriving to save Jessica´s life

Jessica leaving the ICU after being disconnected from the respirator and ECMO

In 2016, Jessica Bachmann Dahan, who was born in Copenhagen,...
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Legacy of Negev's Dr. Doolittle

5.1Reuven Yagil with a herd of Bactrian camels in Kazakhstan
Reuven Yagil with photographer Goel Drori at the source of the Blue Nile

Reuven Yagil in Kahzakistan with a sheep’s head given to an important guest so he will serve it to others

Reuven Yagil with two women during the Kahzaki new year

Dr. Doolittle from the Negev passed away – and fans the worl...
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Book Club – Celebrates 45 Years

7.1Celebrating their 45th year . . .Herzliya Ladies’ Book Club members line up

Sometime back in the late 70's, in Herzliya, a group of youn...
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Lea Goldberg 1911-1970

1.2Lea Goldberg’s portrait featured on the Israeli NIS 100 banknote
The poet Lea Goldberg pictured in 1946.

Next time you whip out a 100-shekel banknote take another lo...
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Unique Ethiopian and Bedouin Women

EmbroideryVisitors sit on chairs and floor cushions at the Bedouin Embroidery Center
The Gojo House, a mud and straw one-room Ethiopian hut

A bread similar to challah is baked for Shabbat

Learning Ethiopian dance

Debbie Efron translates for the sister of Maryam, Bat HaMidbar's founder

On an excursion with members and friends of Bet Israel Masor...
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Bike Ride Salutes Righteous Italian

bartali-2Getting medals in Assisi at the end of the ride. Laurence is on the far right
Cyclist Gino Bartali By Laurence Lebor in action in 1945 (Photo: Wikipedia)

Memorial plaque dedicated to Gino Bartali in Terontola

Riding up to Assisi

Last September I participated in a remarkable and inspiring ...
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Past Prevails in Indonesia

indonesia-3Old Torajan burial
Water buffalo intended to be sacrificed

Traditional Torajan baby graves a in tree

The Tau Tau carver at work

Indonesia is one of the most fascinating countries I have vi...
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