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Readers Letters 202 - December 2019

'Beautiful' article in your magazine remembered Lori  

The ESRAmagazine (September 2019) with the article written by Anthony Green was well received in Poway California.
It came as the court was showing the shooting and the killing of our Lori. The Rabbi and the Kayes thank you for remembering Lori in your magazine.Beautiful article. Thank you.
Amilia Lev


... but wording 'was in bad taste' 

I found the headline on the cover of the most recent ESRAmagazine "One of her last acts of kindness was to make a donation to ESRA" crass, trite and in very bad taste. The last thing on anybody's mind of interest on reading about this terrible event was that Lori Kaye gave money to ESRA before she died.

Compare your tasteless text with others writing about the same thing. For example: "Lori Kaye killed while trying to save her Rabbi." What is so important about her giving a donation or the timing? If this is so important to ESRA then just add it as a sideline in the column that was written about her. 

Stanley Canning
Kibbutz Kfar Maccabia

From the Editor: I agree with Stanley that our headline was in bad taste and apologize for our insensitivity. Thank you Stanley for bringing it to our attention. 

I salute those who risked their lives to save Jews from heinous genocide 

Thank you Myra Olswang for this well-written wrenching article "Memorial to the Slaughtered" (ESRAmagazine, September 2019) which I reread so that I could listen to the beautiful Hebrew song sung by Lithuanian students, who were educated about the heinous acts perpetrated by the people of their town, and worked hard to prepare a program of contrition and healing. 

Many survivors spent years on making this happening, forging relationships with mayors, educators, and people across the world, to memorialize as many as they could and also recognize those who risked their lives to save Jews. I salute you. 

See a beautiful video clip of the ceremonies
Lee Zulman
Palo Alto, California, US


Enjoy our show and pay just half-price 

 I'm Elad from The Wandering Israeli stage show. Recently more and more ESRA members have
been attending our shows with a special 50% discount which we provide only to ESRA
We would like to see more ESRA members attending our regular-running shows.
You can read about the show online
Thank you.
Elad Shippony
tel: 052 361 2385
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I too turned over a new leaf in my 50s 

Laurence Lebor, I loved your piece "Why I Took up the Guitar at 50" (ESRAmagazine, September 2019). Plus you got those iconic rock gods into ESRA-kudos! I too turned over a new leaf in my fifties when I started writing and actually published a bit [in ESRA]. But I smiled and laughed reading your piece and you should write more.

Sholom Feldheim 

Don't make a meal of it, but here's something to chew on if you're overweight . . . 

 Hi, you overweight guys out there, 

Will you believe skinny when he tells you he eats as much as you do.  Only difference is – he chews everything into a mash.  This makes it easy for the stomach to break down stuff still further, releasing the essential nutrients, and sending everything on its way to build up the whole body. 
It's not really how much you eat (or even what you eat) – it's the way you eat it that counts. 
Try this for at least a month – then tell us what happened. A warning though – mealtimes can take at least twice as long.  
Be prepared! 
Mike Porter 
Tel Aviv

Recalling Bobby's volunteering days 

I read about the passing of Bobby Luz in ESRAmagazine (April 2019) and I want to express my sympathy to his children who asked to learn about his volunteering. I knew their mother Judy when they lived in Nof Yam. She was a member of ESRA's first Integration Committee in 1979 and delivered ESRAmagazines.  
Bobby too was a volunteer and he was also on the board of the nonprofit organization Shai (House on Wheels) which was founded in Herzliya Pituach by the late Miriam Schwartz. Bobby kept in touch with us by email since we moved to Sderot over ten years ago. 
May he rest in peace.
Adele Rubin


A great hour spent with 'Mr. Shtetl' 

Thanks for the nice article "World of the Shtetl is Brought Vividly to Life" (ESRAmagazine,
July 2019). We enjoyed it so much that yesterday we drove from Arad where we live to Kfar
Hasidim and had a wonderful hour with Gad and experienced the Shtetl.
Thanks Lydia Aisenberg for your writing this up.
Frank Mecklenburg


Calendar hits the nail on the head 

ESRA Calendar 2019 – 2020
I thought it was the fall ESRAmagazine issue when I pulled it from my mailbox ["so soon?" I
thought].  I like gardening and love Israel so you guys hit the nail on the head. Thanks so much.
Sholom Weinfeld

North Miami Beach, USA 

Presenting one of our best Sela's! 

15-month-old Sela Singer enjoys looking through ESRAmagazine. 
So did we all.

Renee Singer, Raanana 

Well worth a visit 

A small group of ESRA Haifa recently visited two places that have been written up in ESRAmagazine – The Schtetl in Kfar Hassidim (issue #200, June 2019) and the Great Mini World in Yoknean Illit (issue #199, April 2019). Both were outstanding. I heartily recommend that readers and other ESRA groups visit them.
Harry Hiller


Reliving special theater memories

Good luck from my heart. The article on Center Stage by Carl Hoffman in ESRAmagazine
(September 2019) brings back some special memories - when I immigrated to Israel in 1958
there was an English Speaking Theater which performed at Z.O.A. House in Tel Aviv. Being a
young and keen actress I joined them and appeared in three of the productions in 1959 before
going to live in Eilat - but that is another story. One of the actors who appeared too was an uncle
of the singer David Broza. Those sure were special days and there were always full houses for
our appearances!
Barbara Abraham


Grant and Daniella Crankshaw of Center Stage in Raanana
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