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One Hundred Years Ingrained

Ein-Harod Fielding valley history in wheat

Celebrating 100 years of toil in the soil… Ein Harod century grain celebration

Once again Israeli artist Peter Viner of Kibbutz Maoz Haim has conjured up yet another astounding grain creation in the fields of Kibbutz Ein Harod Meochad, an annual artistic tradition going back many years.

Over the years Viner has featured Israeli politicians, entertainers, historical milestones as well as tributes to the Beatles and other famous non-Israeli personalities but the 2021 creation is truly a close to home theme - a tribute to Ein Harod and a celebration of 100 years since its founding.

Nestling in the shadow of the Gilboa mountain range in the eastern corner of the Jezreel Valley, it was here a century ago that the early settlers labored to drain swamps, turn the soil and successfully create fields of wheat and other seasonal crops at the same time as developing their successful collective community – although, like many other kibbutzim, Ein Harod Meochad has privatized in recent years.

To view the annual creations of Viner, one has to look down from the heights of the Gilboa's "Shaul's Shoulder" peak before the dancers and reapers he has created this year literally come alive from above.

As in previous years, the graffiti in grain will only be on show for a relatively short period before disappearing under the mechanical reapers blades as the season's wheat is harvested and other crops planted … until next year when Viner once more brings another creation with a short life span to the Jezreel Valley. 



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Monday, 18 October 2021

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