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Geller Award Goes to Steve

Presentation ... Steve Freedman receiving the Geller Award (Photo: Nizan Freedman)

 As was done each year for the past thirty-six years, Kfar Saba recently granted some of its outstanding volunteers the Geller Award for Volunteering. The volunteers represented an amazing number of volunteer organizations, working for a large variety of causes. One of this year's awards was granted to Steve Freedman who, in addition to participating in other volunteering endeavors, is a tutor at the Shazar and Herzog schools in ESRA's English Tutoring Program (ETP).

The ceremony where the volunteers were honored was attended by many dignitaries of the municipality and the local volunteer organizations. They spoke about the commitment of the individual volunteer to the community as a whole. They stressed the volunteer's general claim, that their contribution is far outweighed by the feeling of personal satisfaction that they receive from their volunteering – a feeling that many other ESRA volunteers can understand and identify with.

They say that a society can be measured by the way it treats its weaker citizens. Judging by the people who were honored at the ceremony and the multi-faceted organizations that they represent, including of course ESRA, our society is on the right track.

Congratulations Steve.

ESRA's ETP enables English-speaking volunteers to go to a school of their choice, in order to assist pupils with their English studies. Volunteer tutors are not teachers and do not need any teaching experience or qualifications. ESRA's ETP offers training sessions for both new and experienced tutors.

If you are interested in volunteering in this worthwhile program please contact the ESRA office at 09 950 8371 or your local ETP branch coordinator.



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Thursday, 28 October 2021

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