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How we got the pieces to fit in a jigsaw puzzle called summe...
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A poignant engraving in Lori’s garden in Poway, San Diego

A trip out ... Lori with Amilia Lev’s daughter, Anat Shlocker, in Ramat Rachel last year

Lori celebrating her 60th birthday in Modiin with the Shlocker and Lev families

A visit to the relocated American Embassy in Jerusalem

Shopping trip ... Lori Kaye visiting Jerusalem’s shuk in December

A woman who was killed in a synagogue shooting in the U.S. t...
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Dear Merle, The entire 40-year special issue of the ESRAmaga...
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Looking back with pride and ahead with optimism Following th...
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New ESRA Chairman Terry Morris

Former ESRA Chair Baruch Tanaman

ESRA Vice-Chair Glenis Bertfield

ESRA Life President Merle Guttmann

This year's Annual General Meeting, held at the Kiriyat HaSh...
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Rabbi Aryeh A. Frimer

The hallmark of Rosh Hashanah is the mitzva of blowing the s...
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I love to travel. When I was young, I hitch-hiked all over E...
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On page 37 in ESRAmagazine 200, in the upper right corner in...
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I live in Protea Village and I have been a member of ESRA fo...
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One of the most moving verses that we read on Rosh Hashanah ...
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I was born in London in June 1932 and was seven years old wh...
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Joseph Gitler speaking in Modiin

I was at the Food Forum that took place last March in Modiin...
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Dislocated Landscape by Anne Sassoon

Shy Abady’s The Syrian Bride (Mother) 2016

Great Fear 2019 by Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik

Photos: Yithak Mizrahi The 4thJerusalem Biennale for Contemp...
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 After much heart searching and deliberation the decisi...
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Hasia and Nathan Snipper

Tea time for the Snippers at home

Hasia and Nathan Snipper The rains had come early to Koydano...
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The delight of sitting high with confidence

Anat Lavi- Kowarski, manager of the center, shows her appreciation to ESRA volunteer Laurence Jacobs

In surroundings as cozy and comfortable as a pair of messy o...
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On the ball at a Rock Steady Boxing class (Photos: Rock Steady Boxing, Tel Aviv)

Packing a punch ... Rock Steady boxers Ilene Spark-Greenberg and Evyatar Rotgoltz

 Can Rock Steady Boxing reduce the degenerative disease...
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Tzvika Graiver lobbying the Knesset over driving licence examinations

King of the road ... LiAmi Lawrence with his driving licence document

KeepOlim "No Oleh Alone" Program ... Pesach with Olim from around the world and their Israeli hosts

Organization's aim is to keep immigrants from leaving Israel...
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Ali regaling stories of Bedouin life

Descending carefully into Tel Sheva's reservoir

If ESRA Netanya's March trip to the Golan set out against a ...
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Inconsolable ... tears for Ethiopian Solomon Teka

Translated from the Hebrew by Nina Zuck The protest followin...
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