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18 venues take part in the third ESRA national quiz 

Shulmans, Raanana

Netanya quiz host Nancy Kramer asks the questions

The Young, Haniel

Masterminds, Modiin

Degania Bet

Brushing up on his general knowledge ... Steven Rose a member of the ESRA Netanya team

Magnificent, Tel Aviv

Photos by Mike Altman, Cynthia Barmor, Ronni Cole, David Shu...

Esfir is Alive by Andrea Simon Bedazzled Ink Publishing, 201...
Anita knitting

 Even an event such as the ESRA Volunteer Awards presen...
Baruch Tanaman and Merle Guttmann, who both hosted the event

Ze’ev Bielski, Mayor of Raanana, addresses the audience.

Inge David chats with Elam Yodikin

Singer/songwriter Rachel Wollstein who entertained.

Brenda and John Katten

Richard Stein

Yossi Cohen, Beit Shmueli General Manager, and Lawrence Bertfield

Mike Levinson

Nina Zuck (center) with Ronnie Sella, coordinator of Kfar Shmaryahu club, & volunteer Leslie Henan.

Marie Burgin and Rusty Rostowsky.

Eynat Levi, Students Build a Community coordinator

Mike Altman’s wife, daughter and grandson.

Big event brings out the smiles

Confessions and Impressions By Sonia F Levy Printed by alons...

Change is all around us and it is sometimes difficult to kee...
Author Kenneth Collins (left) with Stephen Kliner at the Tel Aviv book launch

Turn up for the book ... some of the audience who attended the Tel Aviv launch

The Jewish Experience in Scotland is a new history of the Je...
Achinoam Nini. Photography: Barry Insell

Despite the rain, 850 people filled the Herzliya Performing ...
Loretta Weinberger ... taken aback

EXCLUSIVE by Anthony Green and Rika Meyerowitz Presiden...
Miriam Dubi-Gazan ... memory is a subject that interests her

Miriam Dubi-Gazan, the creator of Docostory, a firm which pr...
Esther Denouncing Haman. Painting by Ernest Normand (1857–1923)

In memory of my mother Esther Miriam Frimer The source of th...
Members of ESRA Modiin at the Ramon Air Force base

Reach for the sky ...Jackie Klein in the cockpit

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) of the 21st century is radically...
The Foundling Museum, Brunswick Square, London. Photo: Alan Stanton via Wikimedia Commons

A registration book with an identifying piece of material exhibited at the museum

Food for thought ... the writing on the wall in the museum’s café

A dented thimble, a button, small piece of ribbon, torn piec...
Mixed chamber choir Piccolo Coro singing Mother Rachel and Her Children in Prague Conservatory. On the backdrop are words of the Kaddish, the mourner’s prayer. Story and photos by Marian Stone

Drama students and the Fama Quartet perform Gideon Klein, Portrait of a Composer, at the Prague Conservatory. Klein is brought vividly to life again by actor Tomas Kyselka, who is seated at the front

Clothworkers Consort of Leeds perfoming in the Spanish Synagogue, Prague

Some years ago, during Ellul, just before Rosh Hashanah, I w...

Our cover features local songwriter Loretta Weinberger who w...
Entrance to the Second Temple necropolis of Bet She’arim in the Lower Galilee’s Jezreel Valley. Story and photos by Lydia Aisenberg

The Sarcophagi of the Nikes

Israeli craftsman Ori Shefer painstakingly repairs cracks in the walls.

Hewn out of a crop of hills in the western portion of the Je...