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With the stream of chagim behind us, the new academic year i...

We long for a human touch, empathy and compassion for those ...

Hezi, who has lived most of his life in Beit Uri, proudly points to himself on a 50th anniversary celebration poster

Danny’s severe cerebral palsy doesn’t affect his amazing weaving skills

Blind and deaf, Eldar uses his highly-developed senses of smell and touch to create amazing baskets

Harel creates a wooden salad bowl in the carpentry workshop for an arts and crafts bazaar

Taking center stage. . . the entire Beit Uri population taking part in the annual summer performance

Photos by Jeanette Koll In a cool, wood-paneled hall in...
Meir Feigenberg ... grandson of author Sholem Aleichem (Photo:

In ESRAmagazine #201 (September 201) I wrote about Solomon N...
IDC students from around the world, working together with ESRA

Proud of volunteering with ESRA

Photos: Sunny Marshansky Universities in Israel encourage st...
Renee Goldway ... looking back on her rich and varied life

The Event 1995 at Wingate (from left) Renee Goldway, PM Yitzhak Rabin and Frankie Cronin

Renee Goldway with Merle Guttmann and guest at an ESRA event

ESRA's 40th anniversary has given us an opportunity to look ...

The girls’ notice board in the grocery store

Photos by Einav Olswang How ingenious youngsters got to grip...
Happy in their work ... Kuchinate women busy crocheting various household objects

African asylum-seeking women gain empowerment in a Tel Aviv ...
Lee Diamond ... he had great talent, warmth and charisma

By Ben and Carol Novis Sunday night, the first night of Succ...
Lolita Marcos ... recalls her life as one of satisfaction

Flashback to 1983 and the Funfair in Herzliya which Lolita Marcos conceived and organized

Saluting an ESRA volunteer The celebration of the 40th anniv...
Red lentils (Wiki Commons)

... but hurry, because the sun will be shining aga...
Actress Maureen Lipman at the podium

Lady Rosa Lipworth CBE (left) and Dame Shirley Porter

Student Tarkin Adago

Sir Sydney Lipworth QC

Sir Sydney Lipworth QC

Lady Rosa Lipworth CBE (left) and Dame Shirley Porter

Student Tarkin Adago

ESRA Chairman Terry Morris (left) with Members of the Friends of ESRA in Israel Committee: Stephen Samuel, Chairman Richard Stein, Gordon Hausmann and Roger Adelman

  Download PDF File Here Photos: John Rifkin I was fort...
The Imperial War Museum, London, where Graham Zeitlin tells visitors about his experiences (Photo: Flickr)

Graham Zeitlin who grew up in Birmingham in World War II

Graham Zeitlin pictured today at the Imperial War Museum (Photo Lydia Aisenberg)

The book Graham wrote about his experiences working on the railways

By man who was at school when bombs rained down  T...
Inge David receiving an ESRA Volunteers Award in 2016

Inge David taking an exercise class at the Vera Salomons Retirement Center, Kfar Saba

A clear lovely morning in mid-July I wake up happy, well res...

Illustration: Denis Shifrin Recalling the time a bunch of us...
Volunteer Adi Mantegvosh Amara with an egg-layer who said ‘Thank You’ after de-lousing (Photo: Freedom Farm Sanctuary)

Mother and daughter dairy cows Angela (left) and Gali, saved from slaughter and re-united (Photo: Freedom Farm Sanctuary)

ESRA’s Maia Aron with Billy, a goat who was considered “useless” because of his disability and was left to die (Photo: Ruth Levy-Abramson)

It may be difficult to teach empathy and compassion, but it ...
Jack Sher ... became the expert demolition man in Cape Town

Dad was born in 1930 soon after Ouma and Oupa came from Lith...
Members of ESRA Rehovot and Rishon enjoying the wine tasting event

ESRA Rehovot and Rishon branches inaugurated the new season ...
The canyon approach to Petra (Photos: Mike Altman, Baruch and Mimi Tanaman)

The Treasury, Petra’s most famous facade

Ancient mosaic church-floor map detailing the columns along Jerusalem's Cardo

An oasis of souvenirs in the Wadi Rum desert

Sights of Petra, from simple homes to palatial tombs, all carved into the mountainsides

Echoes of ancient desert caravans

The whole happy ESRA group in Jordan's Wadi Rum desert

There are some countries that as soon as you enter, you feel...

In flames ... John’s painting of the destruction of Bamberg Synagogue on Kristallnacht

 John was a dear friend. Together with Brenda, who is g...